free material library for all



As Torkuhl, I would also need to be enlightened on how to apply the shaders
I did check the max5 Reference Guide and its tutorials, as well as searched in Google under “applying shaders” and couldn’t find a thing.




In the material editor, first click get material. Then your material/map browser opens. It defaults to NEW in the “browse from” section. Change that to Mtl Library. Then below that, under the “file” section, select open, and then just locate your .mat file that you just downloaded. Once the .mat file is loaded, you will see the new materials, just double click one of them to load it into the material editor.

I hope I havent misunderstood your question.


But of course! I knew that :rolleyes:
Loading libraries is not something I do that often really.

Thanks a lot folical9,



well so much for confusion. thanks for your fast help, but i guess this wasn t for CINEMA, right? (if so i must be totally dumb!)
would you/someone tell me the cinema-import-mat_lib-trick?
greets from taiwan


lol, nope. I assumed everyone browsing the 3dsmax resources thread would infact be using 3dsmax. I’m affraid I can’t help you with CINEMA. Sorry for the confusion, maybe someone on the Cinema4d forum could answer this for you?


youre right max is for max. i ended up on the wrong track. sorry about that. anyway you did help someone out there.


hi boo
what bout max 4 compatible library
max 5 makes my comp slow
hence i prefer max 4
please help us also
anyways nice job u r doing
keep it up



i did Allan McKay’s fire tut. But since i’m using max six the electric plugin from blur beta doesn’t work. So i started to play with the materials and this is what i got

you can grab it here if you want


I will repost these. Maybe someone will see them and find them usefull.

Brazil Car Paint Materials:

Download Materials


electric fire is great
i puted some blur and some glow
and vuala perfect fire

props props props Abbegon


i did Allan McKay’s fire tut. But since i’m using max six the electric plugin from blur beta doesn’t work.

They were recompiled and are available for 3dsmax6 here: Blur beta


ah cool :)… thnx buddy


i’m new here and this is my first reply in all Cg forum :beer:
i’d like to thank folical9 for those great car paint maps in MR. I used 3dsmax some years ago and now i’m restarting it again because now renders are fast and good. I use Vray and FR-stage1 but i like a lot final gather too. it creates an amazing natural lighting diffusion:eek: .
I’d like to add some materials for FR in your mat library so everyone could use them (they are 2 cute glass mat), but i haven’t space web so i’d send them to someone who will post images i created with those mat too.

Cu soon


hey folical9, your link is dead here :frowning:

Is there a way you could check it? :slight_smile:


Why isn’t the .mat file on the first post? That would definitely make it easier for people trying to d/l it without browsing the whole thread.



Any NPR shader?That would be nice:D


I am a bit of a n00b to 3dsmax and I was wondering if anyone else was missing the viewportmanager.gup Plugin when trying to open this .mat. I would VERY much appreciate it if someone would tell me where I could find this Plugin.



a .gup error means you are using a version of max older than the one used to create the file. Like trying to open a Max 5 or 6 file in Max 4.2


Anyone know where texture goodies like Blur’s Dino Skin and Electric have gone? I donwloaded the pack off of Neil Blevin’s homepage but it wasn’t there. I’ve heard that to use Visualboo’s you need some of these. Where can I get them from? No luck on Google so far…