free material library for all


To the model: Yes the box on the website inspired me for this effect and I was trying to get as close as posible to this picture.


man that website is cool.

this is really cool witht eh mat libs that everybody has been sending.

i wish i could join in and help, but i really haven’t done much in the way of doing alot of mats for myself.

thanx guys, there are alot of relly cool guys here.

look at that im getting so weepy!:cry:

anyway, one of you guys i went to your site and you have a mat lib and the mat need external maps.
if i can remember who you are i’ll post the name.

oh damn, while i was writing this i remembered that i have one mat that has two materials on it i got from someone.
really good gold and chrome mats.
i’ll send it to you vis:b. of course it is for max 5.


What websites out their offer free shaders and materials?

Need materals and shaders!!!


wow! great idea!
keep 'em coming people!

PS: when is the next update going to happen mr. booie?


Howdy folks !

Well, some people have been asking about it, so i finally found some time to do it : i’m in the process of rebuilding these shaders i had posted, using mostly procedurals and no additional plugins or anything, i will post them as soon as they look close enough to what i could come up with in the first place : )

here are a couple shots, where i’m at now

i’ll make them available asap !




those materials look terrific, mouj!

PS: wish I could come up with something to share too… does anyone need/want some “noobie” materials? :stuck_out_tongue:


so where is this huge final pack?


hi all, that’s my first post here, and i want to share u that image
i was trying to make an organig materiel, hope u love it


makes me think of Neil Blevin’s stuff except the colors are redish
nice stuff lets see it on a model


How about we carry this to from now on. That will be a LOT better for the community than me not having enough time.


HI there!

I’m an Italian videogame artist actually living in Manchester

I had the same idea as you guys, to collect matlib files, to create a huge selection for everyone to share. the only thing that i was thinking about, is to make a website where people can login upload download fix or update materials and shaders.
The website won’t be the only way of distribution, Multimedia CD Roms will be aviable to buy. there are few others ideas… just let me know what u think about it!:slight_smile:

Sorry for my English :beer:


good idea


yeah! :thumbsup:
Ludo, it’s a great idea!!!
If u create this website, let me know the url!!


ITALIA RULEZ! :slight_smile:


Whoa! this forum rocks!!!:buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:
…keep it comin’ boys…help the pooorrr…yehaaa:cool: …i’ll make one of my version and i’ll let you know…guys…


Yep, this topic rocks! :buttrock:

I’m pretty new here, but I thoght someone might find something useful in this shader I made a few days ago, just for fun, and to do something in the 10 minutes waiting for my beloved coffee to be ready. :smiley:

Just some tweaking around with abot cellular maps. Nothing more. But I’ve liked the final result. By the way, the shader is a Brazil Advanced Shader, just because the blurry reflections, but the diffuse, and displacement maps can be used elswhere.

Oh, of course, the material itself: Can be downloaded here.(No maps, only proceduals) : Matlib

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EEEWW!! That reminds me of my POooP00…hahaha…but i rocks:buttrock: …where you got that? toile or something? lols…that’s pretty cool…:cool: …im making some realistic shits…out of that shader…kewwl…keep it commin boys…help the pooor…i like materials…it makes the world…ROUND…:beer:


cold_as_eyes : Well, if this reminds you of that, you’ve got somethin’ wrong with your digestion, or just eaten too many fruits… Seeing a doctor might help… :smiley: :hmm:

The basic inspiation was looking at the cellular map, and trying to get somethin’ outta’ of it. And IMO this one reminds me of something chaotic organic thingee, with some alien look. No doubt, somewhere Neil Blevins is behind the inspiration…

Currently I’ve started another Organic blub, so expect it soon.

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bump and it reappears. :slight_smile:


how do i open the library in the .mat format.
found no clue in the manual. thanks for enlightening me.


You mean the “visualboo_scanlineMax5.mat” file is already available?!! :rolleyes:
And I had been waiting for it for who knows how long already.
Where can I download it from?