free material library for all


In an effort to organize this ancient thread feel free to PM Taoizm with any working links to online .mat files. Please add a quick description as to what’s in the material file as well as any 3rd party plugins that are needed.

Material libraries

Mental Ray

  I've been thinking about collecting materials from people that would be willing to share, and compiling them all into nice neato librarys that everybody could download. It's all about the resources. :thumbsup: 

   Is anyone up for this? All you would have to do is "donate" 1 - 1 million shaders to the community. I know a lot of mapping is very custon based on the models, but wouldn't it be nice to have librarys full of stuff that can be reused like complete brick shaders, bathroom tiles, skins, metals, blah, blah, etc...?

   I know this is gonna come up so.... I really want this to be full of AWSOME shaders. I want to try and keep this as highend as possible (damn I swore I would never say that word ;) ). I guess what it comes down to is if this works and everybody thinks it's a cool idea, then me and a couple other cg guys will dig through and pick out the best of the best and add those to the librarys. Oh well, I'm not to that part yet :)

   So what do you guys think? Awsome librarys of downloadable shaders for everybody?


I would certainly contribute, or at least supply some decent textures.

Good, free, royalty free textues are hard to come by these days!:smiley:


Im in, Ive created a few that Im happy to share with the world.


awsome, I think this is gonna rock :bounce:

I’ll post some more details once more people read this.


Heres one I have already uploaded…just to get the ball running.

A few people asked me how I created this image here,

And I threw up a basic tut on how to here…
Procedual plasticene Tutorial

And heres the Material…
Procedual plasticene Material

Hope this helps a bit.
Most of what I do is hand drawn and Ill keep them to myself as its also often commercial work. BUt Im happy to share alot of my procedual stuffs.:thumbsup:


which reminds me C, I still haven’t gotten to see your show on TV, I always get home half an hour late - I must remember to get my g/f to tape it for me! I saw the squirrel advert though… :thumbsup:

That plasticine texture rules!! :beer:


Cheers Chris,

LOL the squirrel one is evil :surprised
Disturbed Hawick forever I think.

4:55 remember. Getting heaps of postive feedback too. Thinking of doing an Animation Forum to spin off from the series for us lowely old NZers :scream: and aspiring animators within.


I don’t want to side-track from the thread, but what show is this Chico? Sounds intriguing!:smiley:


Side tacking…the show is Animation Station. Its a Five minute compalation of student and hobbist animation aimed at the children audience. The host, Dando (Clay-mation), is running a prirate TV show and broadcasting two or three animations per episode to the world…etc.

Our role was simply doing the title sequence and we had to use lotsa different media as they wanted to encourage lots of different animation submissions, 2d, 3d claymation, flash, cel …everything. Hence having to develop a clay texture to add in some extra clay elements into the sequence.

Anyway its turned out quite sucessful and young animaters are getting right into it and there looks as if there is need for a NZ (and Aussie of course) community. Well see how things go.

well thats enough of that, we better keep this thread on track as its going to be a good one. Any other info you want just email me or PM me.



Count me in too.:slight_smile:

Keep me posted. Do we post it up here or some place else?

Glad to be of service.


Chico, thanks man. First one in the books :slight_smile: Anymore? :smiley: :smiley:

Ok, I figured that people could just email the shaders to me at

Once I get enough to assemble a decent library I’ll post the details so everyone can download away. I’ll have a section dedicated to these librarys on my site when there complete.

Don’t forget there’s a ton of possiblilities here that aren’t too custom. Water, Mud, Gravel, Dirt, Skin, Metal… ahh you get the idea.


SO excited! This is a great Idea… I wish I could contribute more…

visualboo let me know if there is anything I cna do to help you. cleaning them up, or setting up the web page, anything



Soo, the only thing I have to do is mail my Material library to u (+ the needed bitmaps)?

When your collection is ready, how are u gonna let us know?

Great idea by the way!


Chritter, yup. If your going to send a couple things just zip it to keep things in order.

Basically, whatever makes the material work… send it.

When your collection is ready, how are u gonna let us know?

I will post here, but… if you want to bookmark my site, I’ll have a section dedicated to this.

I guess I should also mention that you should ONLY SUBMIT SHADERS THAT ARE ROYALTY FREE, AND THAT YOU DON’T MIND SEEING IN THE NEXT GREAT FILM, GAME, COMMERCIAL. Basically you’re giving up all rights on these… for the good of the community.


Do you accept shaders done with special plugins (BLUR) ?


Yes, but if it requires anything besides just max, then if you don’t mind… just write a small txt file saying the required plugs/scripts and put that in the zip.

I’m also thinking it could be cool to separate these into categories like>

Brazil shaders
Vray shaders
Max shaders

and then maybe under those have sub-categories for things like metal, wood, etc…

what do you guys think?


It would also be nice that everyone could post some thumbnails here of their materials they send in (just a suggestion) :stuck_out_tongue:

BEEEEEEER !!! :beer: :beer:


Yes, but I’m not going to include every shader that people send in. :beer:

That’s a good idea though. Maybe I will make a small gallery of each category on my site before you DL them.


I have a bunch of materials I’ve made, just as experiments. You’re free to download the .mat file and do what you will with it.

The link is at the bottom of the page.


Be sure to know, that if i ever produce a half way decent shader, I will send it in. I think that if people are kind enough to upload their shaders, then people who use them could contribute what they can.
Good idea Visualboo. :thumbsup: