Free Lighting Setups


Hey all. i’m an animator working on an animatic for a short film and i was wondering if any of you knew where i could find some basic nice-looking indoor and outdoor lighting setups for Maya. Something i could just import in and render out using mental ray. it doesn’t even have to be amazing. just enough to make it look un-shitty. thanks for any help!


hmm I think it depends on the scene really.

What you could do is render a few passes, and comp them togethor.

You could get a fairly decent result with these passes:

  1. A final gather pass for fill light.

  2. A pass with a key light, possibly a directional light with shadows, no final gather. A directional would work well for simulating sun light, otherwise you could use a spot light converted to an area light for indoor lighting.

  3. An ambient occlussion pass.

Just comp all three and it should look decent.


You could simply go to the mental ray globals > environment > and select either image based lighting or physical sun/sky. Either one will give you fairly quick and good looking results assuming you have a decent HDRI for the image based lighting. Both will need final gather on to work well, unless you use the “emit light” feature for the image based lighting, which is slooooooooooooooow.


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