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I thought I’d share this as it may be useful to some of you:

Please bear in mind that regardless of reaching the goal or not I will still release 3 Maya Dynamics courses, a RealFlow course as well as an Introduction to Maya for Effects. Each course is a bit over 12 hours of video and it will be in both English and Spanish.



I found this on the RealFlow Facebook community as well as the Autodesk Area:

Mostly dynamics and effects material but they have an introduction to Maya course that covers the basics as well. Great instructors though…


I’m wondering…just wondering.
What can I do to convince “Free Software to Students” that I am a Student. Also I have Collegiate Freshman Gran daughter in my house going to school.

You guys seem to like MAYA. What others might listen to me?

thudpucker sorry didnt see you there! You cant convince people to use free software because they will think that something expensive works better :slight_smile: Free alternatives are just as good and sometimes better. Super specialty software will remain though because it is impossible to make free applications that cover everything.

I found this youtube channel by CGspectrum where they have a lot of beginner friendly intro videos on 3D character animation, making demo reels and concept art composition etc. I think they post their first lessons as free content and I found them really useful and accessable. Hope you guys can get some use out of it too!

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Mostly dynamics and effects material but they have an introduction to Maya course that covers the basics as well. Great instructors though…

Thanks vfxescapee. That link doesnt seem to work though.

Cheers and thanks for the contribution.


My bad, is fixed now.


This is fantastic information for those of us just starting out. I do have one quick question. You mentioned Graphics tablet. I was already looking at the Bamboo but was wondering, I’m looking at both the Capture and Create and wondered if one was better than the other or if it matters?

Again, thanks for the wonderful topic. I’ll be visiting this post often.


Aha, congrats on your first post and welcome to CGTalk.
I have a bamboo touch and turned the touch off :slight_smile: I think the most important thing is pressure sensitivity, which all those tablets you mentioned probably have, and size. I have dual monitors and the bamboo is a perfect size for them and also makes the tablet small for travel.

Depending on what apps you want to use the wacom for you may have to tune it. For instance on windows you have to disable the Aero mouse theme and a bunch of other services to get the tablet to work well with 3dsmax. That is just one case, the web will provide you with solutions on this,

Have fun!


Thank you for the quick response Kanga. I’ll be ordering my Wacom soon. One side question. With going back to school for graphic design, I will have the following available to me. PC, Graphics Tablet and CS6. Are there any other tools/programs that will help or be necessary? My main focus will be photo manipulation initially (for book covers, websites etc). I’m hoping to branch out into doing more creative art from scratch, but need somewhere to start. :slight_smile:

Thanks again everyone. :slight_smile:


You can access a host of free 3D tutorials at 3DTotal and loads of 2D content on their new 2D website LayerPaint

You can also get FREE textures from 3DTotal here AND FREE custom brushes from LayerPaint here

Loads of useful stuff!



My animation, drawings, sequential artworks & ramblings!


Thanks again for posting the information, I’ve been looking for online school but it’s very expensive n so I’m trying to learn by myself. I hope someday I’ll join a online school n get a degree… I’m basically interested in 3d modelling (architecture). Once I start I’ll definitely put my work so that I can learn more.

Thanks again


Free Apps I don’t think linked yet?

3DCrafter -
Free Demo
Plus - $34.95
Pro - $69.95

PhotoFiltre -


MapZone -
[Procedural Texturing]

POV-Ray -
[Ray tracing]

UVMapper Classic -
Free Demo
Pro - $29.95
Full - $59.95

Cheers :wink:


Thanks for the sharing.
Great to find this thread.
Very useful information you have shared.


There are many open source middleware solutions available, but very few currently used too develop paid or free interactive projects ported to the online app stores, so to my knowledge this is just a personal selection devs have utilised, recently.

BGE [Blender Game Engine]

Cheers :wink:


I would like to share with you a lesson showing how to bring and setup a 3d model in unreal engine 4. Hope you like.



The free 2D animation software I recommended (Page 1) has moved. The original link is dead.
The new one is:


Have someone use programming live channels for studying? On such source


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