Free LaZ0rs for everyone!


Reffering to this thread:

I am giving away the lasers used in our Solar Team Twente Film.

They took a full day to make, I was trying Caustics at first but got nowhere and found that using volumetric lights was the way to go. Unfortunately the visibility of the lights in Cinema is a Linear function instead of an Inverse one so I faked it by making a lot of lights.

They are animated too !

Post your experiments here! :beer:


You are TOO kind! Cheers :applause:



obscene language and flailing

thanks mate :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:




Sweet! Thank you! :applause:

Any suggestions on how to modify to make a more dusty airy laser like T4’s Harvester?


Megacool!!! :thumbsup:



Thanks a lot.


Thanks everyone!

I would suggest doing that by increasing the contrast of the visiblity noise. That way it would be more broken up!

Good Luck!


Thanks Shademaster, cool stuff.

Props for the RITM avatar too!


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