Free Keyboard, come get your free keyboard!


Hey all!
Well, what can I say… This all stared out of boredom. I had nothing to do so I looked down at my desk and I suddenly caught myself modeling a keybord. Then I decided to make it as ‘clean’ as possible… Later on I made up my mind that I would make it public, as a token to the community that has helped me much!

So here it is, a bacis keybord template:

And the url for the zip (84kb)

Hope this helps anybody!


Cool, thanks for sharing with us!!:thumbsup:


I like it, by the way do you have a keys texture for the letters and numbers and stuff?


@RusMan, Glad to contribute to the comunity!

@modestmouse, Nah… I thought since I have a swedish keyboard and the swedes are a minority here there would be problems for the US/UK/GERMAN/KOREAN/etc users… But If its requested I will upload the letter texture as soon as its finished!


Lol love it malc0lm thnx ! :smiley:


Cute keyboard, thanx for sharing. :beer: :beer:


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