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Checkout this thread for info and some samples.

PC Only.


Anybody know how to setup an Xcode project for Qt (4.2.3)? I’ve downloaded the free OSE, have the IvyGenerator code, and want to do the MacOSX port (free distribution of course). But I know a little about Xcode (mainly in C4D C++ SDK plugin relations only) and even less about Qt (!). They mention using the bundle - so I may be able to fumble my way through, but who knows what build settings or other frameworks/bundles must be included for this (?).

All the tools and green as you get. :wink:

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Interesting and thank you, this has tons of potential.
I was just about to jump into maya and use some paint effects on the side of
a home I’m building, no need now I suppose.



So far I realized that this needs GLee (no biggie). But I’ve used the Qt opengl example project and still getting errors - mainly stupid stuff like std::string (?). Yes, there are many frameworks included: AGL, AppKit, ApplicationServices, Carbon, OpenGL, QuickTime, and the necessary Qt frameworks (from the Qt example). What does Xcode need to understand the C++ STL - a bone and pat on the head?

And ya wonder why programmers, developers, computer scientistics are on the decline - you can make more money with less frustration playing Texas hold-em poker… :wink:


Thanks for the tip. Looks like a real great app.

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any tips on how to even use it? i cant figure out the first step even >:( help files would be usefull


It is not that Hard to use.
You make a Cylinder for example, add a standard material, use riptide to export the cylinder with the material.
Open Ivy, select import OBJ+MTL Double click on top of the cylinder, you will see a green dot. Click the grow button, let the branches growing (not to long) and when you think you have enough, click the grow button again.
After this you can click the Birth button and you will see the Leaves and the roots.
When you done use the export button.

You will need to play some time with the settings, but it works real great.
Good luck.

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PS: here is a very quick and dirty example, 2 minutes work.


great, i managed to experiment with the defauly wall it provides, and other than navigation and optimisation it looks nifty.

but how to get your objects into it from cinema? i tried the standard obj export but it doesn’t work very well atall. (i only tried a cylinder). whats riptide?


Riptide is a free OBJ exporter. can’t live without this…
You can download it here

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thank you :slight_smile:


Oooh this is looking wonderfull! Too bad it’s not for Mac (yet?)
Thanks for sharing anyway! :slight_smile:


Wow I didn’t realise Robert is already working on a Mac-port :beer:


wow, that’s graet

very cooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

and it’s free.

thanks for posting.


ivy looks pretty nice :slight_smile:
test 01
tst 02


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Wow too… :eek:

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it’s very good
thank’s :slight_smile:


Looks great…but, am i correct in thinking that the textures that represent the leaves, bark within the tex file should “automatically” follow the new exported scene? It doesn’t for me. I get the vine mesh, but no textures. Do I do this manually?



Yes, you have to add the materials manually to a new material and the alpha channel also. It is a great time saver for sure though.


If you use the riptide plugin then you don’t have to worry about the materials.
riptide will import them for you, you only need to set the Alpha channel.

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Thank you.