free hdri skies


hi. my name is luma. i am in the business of making hdri skies. they are free and for all cg artists. please tell your friends. enjoy.




Those are pretty cool, thnx for sharing!


welcome. {^_^}


Great man, such things are always needed :slight_smile:


Top stuff mate, thanks for sharing.


Thank you very much. Now I need to learn how to use them properly.


all you need to do in max is make it the background in environment and copy it to the mat editer and select spherical from the dropdown on the top. that’s all it takes. you can have it display in the viewport by pressing alt + b and select use enviornment background and turning on the background. i think it has to be a camera view though. not sure. one more thing is that you should make sure you select 32 bit when you first open the hdr in max.

that’s all. hope i helped.

thanks and peace,



Thank you,LC for your tip. I have the bitmap in the mat editor, environ mapping in mat editor, spherical in mat editor, 32 bit on load, environment map–use map checked,use envronment bkgd checked, display bkgd checked, apply source in all views checked… but I can’t see the map at render time. I am rendering the camer01 view. The only way the map will render is if I have screen instead of environ selected in the mat editor. I don’t know, but that does not seem right to me. I also have the hdr1 map apllied to a skylight.

Please don’t trouble yourself with trying to figure out my problem(unless you see something obvious). I just wanted to post this to thank you, So…thank you.


does it show in the viewport? what renderer?




I was using the scanline renderer. I am embarassed to say this, but it is now showing up just fine, and it was all because my camera was at too steep an angle, ie, it was pointing below the horizon and therefore I was only picking up the the darker (lower) half of the hdri image. Not seeing the clouds in my render, I thought it was not rendering at all. I thought the spherical mapping would have behaved as screen mapping would. Obviously the spherical mapping works differently. You know, when you have screen as the environ mapping paramater, it renders the whole map no matter what angle you are pointing at.

I would say “DOH”, but then, you live and learn. Always learning, when it comes to MAX. Thank you so much for your time, LC. I hope someday to return the favor.


Hi, Ive just downloaded sky 21 and will do some rendering tests on my ferrari model. I will let you know how everything went Thanks!


:smiley: cool. adding extra stuff cause the system told me i have to. lol


:smiley: awesome. i’d love to see what you come up with.




ARGGG, where i can find it now??? the link is broken


Link is not working?

can u plz share it again?

Thank you very much for sharing!!



Hi luma. Apparently the link doesn’t work anymore. Any chance those will be re-uploaded somewhere?



Hi All,

Erase te /skies from te link and you wil get those beautiful HDRI-skies. At least i did.


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