Free Flash Source Files From Proton


Hmm, I got it it but now I tend to get weird protected errors and locked errors when trying to use em. Maybe it’s just me and my weak knowledge of flash i’ll keep working on it.


Thanx, I love the files :thumbsup:. But when I try to open IAMPROTON_source.fla, I get an error :annoyed:. It sais: unexpected file format…


hmmmm…is everyone else experiencing this?

are you using Flash MX?


Nope, still using flash 5… can that be the problem?


Originally posted by Elevation
Nope, still using flash 5… can that be the problem?

That FLA relys on MX action scripts…so that is probably why you are having problems with it…try DL the demo of MX and give it a try…


Thanx for the help, it works :).


Originally posted by proton
[B]I’m open to trying to help but can’t promise I have the time…NewTek keeps me pretty busy :slight_smile: [/B]

Since you work at Newtek…have any suggestions on material for learning Lightwave 3D? I have Lightwave 3D [7.5] (legit copy:)) and wanted to learn more about how to use it…what are some resources you suggest?? Thanks a lot.

BTW, I have ten LW[6.5] videos from Dan Ablan (very good) and Dan Ablans Lightwave 6 book (good also). Who or what else is good for learning Lightwave?


Check out the LW section of these threads…it has great lists of resources for you…and don’t forget about all the cool tutorials on our site!


nice1 :applause:





I looked for like 20 minutes trying to find the code that makes the guy in the “will i am” cat in the hat like website move towards the mouse pointer. :blush: Am I stupid or what? I looked at the pointer, the movieclip of the guy and all his positions, everything…and couldn’t find how you control which way he faces or how he moves. :shrug:


Wow! thanks alot…:cool:


does anyone still have a copy of these? i managed to delete the zip file i had, and the link no longer works…

really want to look at those fla’s again.



I also tried to look thru the whole site for the files, without luck. LOL, also using Google…no success. Will be very helpful to see the codes insides to start on this world of animation.


i have them, but i dont know if proton removed them for a reason or not, so im a bit hesitant to put out a link to everyone.

email me at if you want a copy


i can’t download it,too… ="=


Man, i need this file, i would be very grateful if u could fix this URL!!!

I would really appreciate that!!



the url don’t work, can someone send one to me, or tell me where i can get one?? thanx in advance.



:mad: :argh: :cry: :banghead:
404 Not Found!!


must have been broken with the move…I’ll ask Tito about it.