Free Flash Source Files From Proton



thanks proton :slight_smile:


the william.swf is the most impressive…and the action scripts are very well documented…it’s kind of like reading a tutorial :slight_smile:


havent gotten it yet, but can’t wait to look at em!



:thumbsup: Thx!


wow, proton, that is some sweet stuff there. i’ve been needing to work on some flash stuff and now i have the perfect excuse:)


Hey thanx, this is really useful!


spread the word…I hope we get alot more Flash users over here at cgtalk…maybe the free source files will pull some more in!


Thanks for the files Proton,

These really explain some things that I’ve been wondering about.


How very generous.


thanks this is helpful for someone trying to get into more falsh stuff especially action scripting. 30 days of flash training in which you have to make a film just really seemed to be too little funny how that worked





Man, Proton you keep hitting us with ever better stuff then the day before. I have done alot of Flash work here at work and love it. I have been wanting to try some of my LW stuff inside Flash. As always you provide the perfect spark to get me going. Can’t wait to see what new and wonderful thing you bring us tomorrow.


:bounce: Cooool stuff!!

I’m new to Flash and hardly can open my 3d app ever since.
Thx for the files, cgtalk should definately be the major Flash forum that discusses the use of 3D for web.



woaaaaaaaa cooooool… im in desperate need of flash action scripts for my website…hmm can u help if i PM u wad i wanted to do??


I’m open to trying to help but can’t promise I have the time…NewTek keeps me pretty busy :slight_smile:


thanx for the files, william:thumbsup:


groovy stuff there :slight_smile:
downloaded now, and well… so far, n e thing from here HASN’T let me down :slight_smile:


I just tried to download the file and it says page not found. Hmm…


try again…link has been updated!