Free exporter LW-XSI


Hi guys,

I have completed the first version of my dotXSI saver for LW modeler. It can be downloaded here:

Supports UVs, surface clusters and base surface colours. Morphs are coming.

Hope it works for ya.

Mark Wilson


Nice work!

Thanks a lot.


Yes … this is a nice work, very useful for all people who work with both programs … thank you a lot … i am going to try it when i have some free time … :applause: :applause: :applause:


I just noticed I forgot to add one final peice of code to make the UV’s work properly. Its done now and is at the same link. So re-download it, otherwise your UV’s will be evil. :slight_smile:



Thank you so much Mark :thumbsup: :applause:


Cheers Mark!


I just started trying light wave and love its poly tools as wel as xsi’s, but not as much as xsi so this is great stuff thanks.


Wow ! Great work there Mark, thanks a lot :thumbsup:


Can I kiss ya? :love:

I’ll give it a spin as soon as I find the time. Thank you!


It works great :thumbsup:

It can only do one Lightwave layer at a time, but each layer that is transfered does keep it’s global position (I’ve known some plug-ins that tend to centre each part), so individual pieces are aligned correctly in XSI :slight_smile:

Perhaps a couple very (very) minor changes would be if the exporter automatically appended the “.xsi” extension, and if possible gave the new XSI object the same name as the LW layer/object it came from, instead of “LW_Object”, “LW_Object1”, etc. Although this might be a limitation of the DotXSI format ?

Thanks again.


Thanks a bunch Mark, really good stuff! Can’t wait for the embedded morphs (tho I can work around it for now)!



Hi mark,

cool plugin. thumbs up!

any news on point oven to report? How is the uv´and surfacenames support going?

hope you are doing fine.



Hi Yog,

I meant to fix those two things, just forgot. I’ll try and get that fixed today. As for Layers, I opted to avoid them as they are a bit of a pain, although not impossible to support. I’ll be releasing the source code for the plugin via so you could always add layer support yourself. :wink:



Hey MrWyatt,

All the UV support is done now, load and save. Should have a new beta of it this week hopefully, also with 3DSMax support. :slight_smile:



Until layer support gets put in - you can always collapse your layers in LW and export as one mesh, then use the Extract command to break it up again in XSI… I suppose it’s all the same in the end - just depends on where you want to do most of the work…



Is this compatible with XSI 3.5? I’m having an issue where the UV’s don’t show in the texture editor. All of the UV’s are listed for the object, and there are clusters for each UV section of the character, but there’s no display in the TE.

Also, there’s a texture support as big as my character, for every UV map. Is this supposed to happen?



I don’t have 3.5 so I don’t know if it works or not. The uv’s only show up when you have a texure in the background of the UV editor though right?



This is fantastic !!! Anything that can help expand my pipeline is always appreciated!

Thanks again for sharing this with us!



If you get no display at all Stoehr, it’s probably as Mark suggested - you have to have at least one clip in the scene in order for the editor to be able to define 0,1 space. If you do have a clip, and no UVs are showing (or are all collapsed at 0,1), then its something funky with the uvs.

Sure wish I had a plugin like this a year and a half ago when I had to convert about a dozen space ship models from LW.


In LW you can have multiple UV maps for a single object, however it seems like XSI only likes 1 uv for an object. Does this plugin alow import all UV’s or should I save out each uv as a seperate model and them re attach in XSI?