FREE digital painting video tutorial - (1700 style nudity)


Finally found the time to create my second digital painting from Photoshop. Everything I did was based on your tutorials.

Again, thanks a lot for being so unselfish and spending your valuable time to teach newcomers like me.


Goro, thanks for the tuts and brushes. can’t wait to try them out.


I very appreciate your tutorials. Very helpful! :slight_smile:


Awesome work architectus, i just got my wacom and i found you videos really helpfull!
Thanks for your time :slight_smile:


Great stuff! Just got my new digital tablet. Thanks heaps! :thumbsup:


Thanks for the awesome video. I have only watched around 20 minutes of it because I need to get the blocking in stage down first.

I did not know where to start painting, and this tutorial has seemed to have nailed it. Thanks again!


I am going to be making a new tutorial soon. I was thinking of making a corel painter one, but I only use that program to get a lose oil look leaning towards impressionism.


I was wandering how some people can use photoshop for painting. Now I see it’s possible :slight_smile: I had the same problems with details and blending of colors. It is nicely explained. Thanks again!


NP I am thinking about starting to put up videos on google videos. I would do you tube but they only allow 10 minutes now.


architectus can you do some video tutorials on how to create anime style drawings, and some comic book style drawings of female character?? I have been trying to get into thoes kinds of drawings but have not had any luck finding anything like a cool video tut on it so if you can please do an anime style drawing tut or a comic book type drawing will be a big help to me thanks you.


Just black and white on how to draw the shapes of the figure, or how to color existing anime?


umm both if thats ok.


As a PS painting noobie these have really proven to be invaluable to me.
Keep them coming :slight_smile: .


These videos are awesome they have helped me very much. I know in one of the videos you said you don’t go for realism but I was wondering if you could do a video for realism. I know there are a lot of different ways to see realism. I looking more along the line of making my own ideas and artwork look belivable rather than so photo realistic or hyper realism that it is hard to tell it’s a digital painting.


Alright I got my web page ready in which I will be adding new videos. I am using google to stream them so they stream nice.

Here is the site


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