FREE digital painting video tutorial - (1700 style nudity)


There is breast nudity although it is nothing big, you can see from the finished image. I am very suprised it came out well considered I did it at 72dpi and like 450 pixels.

It is 1 hour and 43 minutes or so. There is both streaming and download, both in real player format.

If you enjoy it please post your comments here. Feel free to pass it around. Also if you enjoy it request what you would like to see next. it is the second link on this page.



Thank you for posting this! I’ll have to check it out tomorrow when I have more time. :slight_smile:

I’ve posted a notification of your Tutorial here:

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Cheers, :slight_smile:



looks great !

i just got the vids and skimmed right trough it.
it’s defenetly gonna help me out a lot in the painting area.



great effort man…downloading it now!
keep up ur good work!



thanks guys/gals

someone requested I do a video on sketching, I have been really busy, but I am going to try to fit some time in for it.


Thanks for the videos. I learned a lot. Let me now what you think.



I love the backround colors and brushes. You did a fanstastic job. One of the things I like to do is change m y painting into a black and white, to see if it still moves me. If not then I go for more contrast.

Also, I did that sketch video, click here

I am glad to see you went for a natural look, instead of my lame metal looking pear. I went to crazy with the dodge tool, but it is a cool way to get a pear looking like metal hehe. You captured the natural look well.

I did a quick paint over if you do not mind, tried to add more contrast for a little more drama.
I made a brush to try to match the big one you used for the backround. I added some darker colors to the left to draw the eye to the pear. Also added some more details where the light hits. Added a little more texture to the left side and middle of the pear. Changed the lighting just a tad, turned down the second left light, which hardly cast any shadow now, and turned up the right light and changed the shadow to make the wall look closer. Also I think from the direction of the light this is more how the shadow would be. I also darkened the shadow to help the pear stand out more.

I should have taken a little more time to make the light hitting the pear look more natural, that is add some texture. Also I added a little of the backround color to the left side of the pear, refracted light. The bottom right side of the pear I added a little of the ground color for more refractive light.

Then I added a little green to the stem, because it seemed to only have browns. Then I added a suttle highlight to the stem and to the pear right where the stem grose out of.


Thank you so much, that’s awesome. You have taught me a lot. I will check out the sketching video.

Oh, keep them coming. :slight_smile: I have painter ix.5, can’t for the life of me figure out how that works. So a video on painter would be awesome.

How did you get the picture to post instead of a link?


Here is one of an apple, not as good as the pear. Apples seemed much harder for some reason. Any way can you let me know what I did wrong and how I can improve this one.

Thanks your instruction has been valuable.



it looks good, lighten up the highlights to ad more contrast. Convert it to grayscale and check it out, if the gray scale does not have a good dark to light contrast then you need to add more. In this case the darks seem dark enough, so bright up the brights. Also keep in mind apple skin is highly reflective, so adding some small sharp light spots will give that effect.

Also when doing the little dents in an apple, do a small dark dot, then over that dot but not completely covering it do a white dot. Like over laping circles which makes a 8


I’m new in this forum, but already love it! There’s tons of valuable material to study, just like your video.
Thank you very much for sharing!


More than 1 1/2 hours of precious gold.

Thank you!


glad you found it helpful


I was having a hard time figuring out how to paint in Photoshop until I found your tutorial. I’m glad I found this forum with people like you who enjoy sharing their knowledge to those struggling to get started.


My very first digital painting:


way better than my first digital painting. But, one question, why so much light gray for the shadow

also I would put more colors in the backround, very good job


I was trying to copy from a photo and I guess the object has multiple light sources. Maybe I should follow your style and paint more using my artistic freedom.

Thanks again for your great tutorials and I hope you can post more!



I too am hoping that he does more videos. I have learned more from him than the gnomon videos I own.


I will try to get around to another one. Any ideas of what you would like to see?


I’d like to see how water, sky and glass can be painted, maybe. I’d also like to see something done using Painter ix. I can’t seem to get use to this program.


woooooooooooow thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank :thumbsup: