Free CSTools update 8/30/07


You don’t need the Math:Add at all. The add nodes were to add _S or _E to the user’s name. Since you just want the cam to be named the same as the parent node. It’s just a name link to name link. But either way I updated the real one.


ah wonderful!

will download now!

you rock!



well i am glad you mentioned how to do the name to name link. i will be doing that.

this animation is pretty long and all setup already. since your tools are not a plugin, it’s not something that will update itself i am guessing, so i will make this change on my cams!

thanks again


hey chris,

what would happen if i copy the xpresso node from one mocam folder to another? will everything work the same? i have made it so that even waypoints names are changing, and it’s a bit time intensive and i am using the add command correctly i think this time. works great, just slow.



Most generous of you.
Thank you / Alex


no worky. i tried this. i also made the post above accidentally using my co-workers computer. i love that. every time i have a really stupid question, i will login a vidar. hehe. don’t tell rett.


Cheers Chris…mucho appreciato


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