Free Character Reference (nudity)


Hey guys I dunno how long it is going to last, but I made the character reference part of my site free. So now everything is freeeeee! Heheh have fun and let me know if you make anything cool.

Please be warned, there is lots of nudity, so please don’t click the link if you can’t look at this kind of reference at work or if you are under 18. Thanks!



Wow - that’s extremely useful and giving considering the bandwidth for these image sizes - Thanks.


I love you!

Seriously finally some good free head shots :buttrock:

rock on dude!


Hey you guys HAVE to email me if you make something cool. I have been wanting to start up a spectralogue gallery forever.


Very generous of you – thanks! I especially liked the phoneme videos.


thanks awesome


Thanks a lot! I’ve linked your site here. This will be really useful for many.


Just a small nit-pick… the 18-year border is for porn, not nudity. There’s few people banning people under 18 from going to museums.

I’m just saying, because I’m obsessed by needlessly pointing out this kind of unimportant thing.


Yeah thats a good point, I just want to be safe and say that. Lots of people have a problem with nudity for some reason.


Hey guys, we got posted to the front page of over the weekend, so 60,000 visitors might slow down the site a bit :slight_smile: If it is really slow please give it a couple days and give it a shot again. Thanks!


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