*FREE* Bezier v1.6 has been released!



I have noticed that there was problem with our custom polygon plugin Bezier in LightWave v9.6+ (due to slightly changed way NewTek programmed custom polygon handlers in v9.6). It should be now fixed in version 1.6.

TrueArt’s Bezier custom polygon remain all the time bezier (unlike built-in LightWave Bezier tool, which is converting them immediately to Catmull-Rom splines, when tool is dropped). So, you can have very low point count while making spline cage (perfect circle is just 8 control points), load or save LWO objects with such splines and/or use together with EasySpline http://www.easyspline.com which understands TrueArt’s Bezier without freezing.

For more informations and download please click here:

TrueArt’s Bezier video in true work can be seen in EasySpline industrial video (all the time bezier/b-spline):
(please download video to disk, and watch in off-line player).

All EasySpline customers are asked to download this new version.

TrueArt’s Bezier v1.6 is available pn Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit, Macintosh UB 32 bit and Macintosh UB 64 bit and Macintosh UB PowerPC.

Best Regards!


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