Free Art Videos from TheDailyDrawing


Some of the videos from:

Note: The links sometime take several seconds to load. :frowning:

  Anatomy Lessons (Random Tips, Construction Demostrations)
  [Video: Leg Drawing Tips](
  [Video: Head construction](
  [Video: Hand Drawing Tips](
  [Video: Figure construction]([from basic shapes](
  Digital scuplture demos (Zbrush):
  [Video: Zbrush Ant Fellar pt 1](
  [Video: Zbrush Ant Fellar pt 2](
  [Video: Mutating Bill 1 resculpture](
  [Video: Mutating Bill 2 resculpture](
  Digital Painting:
  [Video: Turkey](
  [Video: Dachshund Terminator](
  [Video: Dragon Approved: pt 1 Drawing/Inking](
  [Video: Dragon Approved: pt 2 Photoshop Painting](
  Traditional Paint:
  [Video: Acid Mantis](
  [Video: Yoda](
  Thanks for taking a gander!


Hi Deroga,

Thanks very much for these! :slight_smile: Want to tell us something about your art background, maybe how you came across the Anat Forum? That might be cool. :slight_smile:

I’ve posted a link to your thread here:

Notification of New Open Figure Drawing Workshops / + TUTORIALS - SUBSCRIBE HERE!

Thanks again!




thanks…great stuff…:slight_smile:


Thank you for posting the links elsewhere!
My background in figure drawing is basically studing from alot of good anatomy/figure drawing books. I highly recommend seeking out the Andrew Loomis figure drawing books (out of print, but online) and stephen peck’s Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist.


Awesome post Rebecca. nice videos. Thanks


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