Free Animation Rigs


I’m looking for nice and free animation rigs that are ready to animate for MAYA, i need them for a school project. If you could post some links of the ones you know about. or if you have one of your own and dont mind me using that would be cool to.



here´s the link to “lowman” (, a very nice free rigg that I like very much.

/ jan


…and of course…the link to IK-joe and package man,


Generi Rig -

Blue, Character B -




And some more:

    [Click me now!](

p.s.  Your avatar is very disturbing, Purgpow.  :D


Find loads of Rigs, all at one single place !!

Click ^

N lemme know if it works for ya…:thumbsup:


Kiel Figgins, Character Animator.

He has a bunch of rigged characters, biped and quadroped, ready for animation.


Frank -

Squick -

Final Rig -


awesome, thanks for these links!
I’ve been spending too much time on making the mdels for my animations that my animation is suffering from it. Thanks a ton


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