Free 65 Hour Anatomy Course for figure drawing and comics


Hey, so I am offering 20 free copies of the next bestanatomy course for figure drawing. This is the only course on anatomy forfigure drawing you will ever need.

Check the course out by clicking here

Let’s make this forum one that everyone can learn from.

All I ask is that if you use the coupon code to watch thecourse free, that you review it there on Udemy. Also, if you can post yourprogress, drawings you do from the course, I will offer my advice to you herefor free.

Coupon code: cgpromo

Also, ANYONE that wishes to post their figure drawings (fromimagination only, no references) I will offer my advice on how you could makethem better, if I can. Others can chime in as well, so we can all help eachother out.

The course is 65 hours long. The part dedicated to showinghow and where muscles attach to bones is in full color, to better see theshapes of the muscles and where they go. This knowledge is necessary to drawfigures from your mind easily. It takes your figures to the next pro level.

These figures are from the course, drawn from mind as partof the course.

This course is comprehensive, easy to follow, and for alllevels, from beginners to advanced. It takes you from proportions, bones,simplification of bones and mass, to muscles, the structure of muscles, wherethey attach, how and why they lets you draw any pose you can think up, etc. Itcovers breast mechanics, difficult areas from different angels, arm pit, knees,elbows, forearm, etc.

It covers where fat builds up, how it builds up, and thedifferent body types from where fat builds up.

This course isn’t just, hey, I am drawing an eye, now you doit. It shows you the how and why about things, so you have the knowledge ittakes to draw from your mind.

Even if you miss out on the 20 free copies, I make availablea few 1 hour lessons for free, so you can check it out.

I will do my best to help everyone here improve, andhopefully others will get involved and make this a great learning thread.

Thanks for taking the time to check out this thread. [font=Wingdings]J[/font]


Five have downloaded their free copies so far, but no replies yet on this thread. Perhaps I should have given the rest to my Youtubers as their free 20 copies were gone in 10 minutes. hmm


Hello Mr. Neil!!! BIG BIG BIG fan of your courses n you have no idea how BADLY I NEED this course! I will do anything you say to get my copy of your 69+ precious n awesome knowledge!! Is there one copy still available?? I want this soooo badly! I’ve always wanted to master this art! Plz sir!


Doing the exercises in my own course, I have grown a lot as an artist. I am taking a bit of a break from my typical comic work and doing serious paintings. This is a digital version of what will become a water color “Dying For Beauty”

I wouldn’t have been able to paint this if not for always practicing the exercises in my anatomy course. This will become part of a collection of work that I am doing Surreal Figures. Each has multiple meanings.

I am also including some sketches that will also be part of this collection.