Free 3d models


I start this thread with an intention to collect all the free 3d model sites which provide models for 3ds Max and Maya, which everyone know will become one Mega Collection. So I searched and came across a few best sites which I list here. I welcome everyone to participate and post sites they know. Here I go…

Continue your links…


I tend to steer away from premade models because i want to build them myself. here is a webpage i use to get them for reference but i never use the actual model.



Its ok if you are a modeller, but for texturing atists and rendering artists, it will be useful isnt it?


I’ve added about 50 3d models so far on my blog, from 3d furniture, 3d vehicles and others. All the models are free and everybody can use them either for personal or commercial purposes.

Here is the link:

You are not allowed to redistribute them in any manner, though.

As far as the discussion about pre-made models goes, they are very useful, especially in architectural visualization business, where the deadlines are tight and the focus should be on the “space” itself.


Beautiful models. Thank you!


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