Free 3D Modeled iPhone5 incl. Octane Scene


I proudly present another (small) free giveaway:
(Klick here to download my free Capitalis Monumentalis font)
(Klick here to download my free Lemonade Can Scene)
(Klick here to download my free Syringe Scene)

       THIS TIME: [b]

Free iPhone 5 model incl. Octane scene with materials and textures[/b]

       For C4D R12/13/14 and Octane Render
                   Octane Render 1.2
                   Octane C4D Plugin Beta 0.69B
                   [VIDEO EXAMPLE]( (Not included in the free scene)
       I hope you like it!


Really great stuff, thanks for sharing.

How are you finding Octane? I’ve not not managed to fully use it in production just yet, but it’s getting close!



Thanks for sharing!!!


Thank you for your generosity.

I’m curious about this too. I just bought a Quadro K-5000, partly with an eye on getting involved with Octane.


Thanks for the great free stuff!


Octane is pretty cool and it still very much a beta. Dev is moving pretty fast.
Workflow requires learning some new ways, but that goes with the territory.
If you get it, don’t skimp out on the GPU. I started with a 580 Classified then
got a Titan, much better. My only concern is the heat issues during a longish
render time (toasty!). The card is rated for high heat use, but I was thinking about water cooling (EK) anyways. So if you’ve got the dough, go for it.

SilverWing: thanks for model.


Thanks for all your answers.

I appreciate that you like my freebe!

How are you finding Octane? I’ve not not managed to fully use it in production just yet, but it’s getting close!

About Octane:

I´m not thinking of Octane as an replacement to the C4D Renderer and / or Vray but as an addition. I really like the interactivity and with smaller scenes and animations as logo animations product viz, and packshots. Its really fast with those scenes and the render quality is fantastic!

When it comes to closed scenes as interiors of all sorts or scenes where there is a lot of rays bouncing around and also a lot of small lights and caustics etc. Octane gets more slow. Its still usable but I normally switch to Vray for those scenes.

So octane definitely has its advantages. And I have used it a lot in the past year.

About the C4D Plugin: Its still beta and I would like to see a couple of features still implemented. But the Development is quick and I´m confident that there is still a lot to come!



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