Fred : Facial Reconstruction


This is a demo of the technic we used to capture an actor performance on our last project at Glassworks.

What we did :

  • Motion capture directly on the set (a la ILM on Pirates 2)
  • Face modeling and 1st Pass texture by photogrametry
  • Set reconstruction including geometry and light position.
  • Rigged in XSI.
  • Rendering within XSI/MR with the Miss_fast_skin_shader ( fed by 6 textures layers).
  • No GI/FG just ambient occlusion



this looks awesome!


Perfect professional work- stunning.

May I ask, has the face been tweaked frame-by-frame or is there an animation system behind it?


Testing my lip reading skills:

“Some people say that I’m just gonna quit…but they’re wrong”

Am I right? Hehe

Looks surprisingly good! And yeah, Id like to know if the facial was animated/tweaked and the main markers tracked for general movement, or how it was done. Nice job


ha ha, agreenster, i think alike.
Because, i have problem my hear, and sometime, i like “reading” mouth.


We had a rig for the head. The markers drove the facial expression and we had to do the skull animation ( rotation and translation ) by hand.
This was easy because I put 2 additionnals cameras synchronised to the main one. I was triangulating the position of the skull.

We could not offer to tweak the head frame by frame due to tight deadline.


Amazing work!
Why didn’t you track the head in 3d using some of the markers??


this is freakking cool the material is just pure gold, i really like the final look


Because every thing was sliding so we got a wrong tracking as simply as that.
To track the head directly you need rigid marker. We couldn’t use a hat with markers on this project.


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