freaky targeting issue with bones


I feel like a complete dolt for asking this. =) I’ve always done my rigs by consulting with a video tutorial here or there and then editing as i saw fit. This time I tried to go it alone, but for the life of me, LW’s rigging seems so “if you don’t do something EXACTY LIKE THIS, it breaks”. I can’t figure out what’s breaking my rig doing the IK for the feet. When I set the ball null as the target for the upper part of the foot, it goes haywire. I’ve got a pic to try to illustrate what I’m saying. Hopefully somebody knows what’s going on. =)


That happens to me when i ‘record pivot rotation’ on the bone that is targeting something… to fix it, delete the bone, rebuild it (via reimportskelegon or make it again) and then set the target w/out ever using ‘RECORD REST ROTATION’… i hope that helps ya.


D’oh! I reset pivot on everything. =D
Thanks for the info. I’ll see if that helps.


That most definitely fixed it. Thanks a bunch. =)


Great! Glad i could help. :thumbsup:


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