Frankenstein, Anto Juričić (3D)


Title: Frankenstein
Name: Anto Juričić
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Software: Maya, mental ray, Silo, ZBrush

Hi this is my version of one of most popular horror characters.
My idea was to make him more fleshy and life looking.


grapix, is it you? I have seen very similar character on TreeDe Froums, but overall really nice sculpt


I like the unhappy look.
skin and hair is well done!


looks very nice… :smiley:


Zakon! Bravo!


I think you achieved your goal. Modeling and texturing are spot on. I also like the expression on his face. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


amazing work very good modeling by this face i like it the tetures or skin any way hes very ood work but hes need light ok

good lcuk 4 ever :beer:


Frankenstein was the name of the doctor, not the monstor, as I recall lol. He looks awesome tho!


Great work. :slight_smile:


very good work:beer:


AWSOME, really really awsome!
I like the emotion!

GrtZ, Tim


Excellent face, very nice work!:thumbsup:


Great stuff! I love it!


Franky’s Monster looks suitably depressed and psychotic and . . . sorry, have to stop looking at this now. Excellent work, bye. I really want to leave now, please.


Looks good Grapix. Great work as usual.


Very nice render. Great expression and mood with fantastic CG modeling and light.


excellent work


Great work! But this is not Frankenstein´s Monster - this is Keith Richards, right?! :thumbsup:


absolutely incredible man! The detail is amazing :thumbsup:


The expression is brilliant.

I like everything about this image. Great interpretation of the Monster.