Frankencamel WIP


Frankencamel is a project I’ve been working on over the last few months at university. It is a story about a camel made from parts from different animals being maintained by a robotic brain that resides in its hump. In the animation the brain gets bored and decides to try controlling the camel manually, not very well…

The link below is to the version I handed in for the course:

The animation could be no longer than 30 seconds but now that it has been handed in I intend to flesh it out a bit so the story is less squashed in.

My plans at the moment are:

[li]Touch up/re do animation on scenes[/li][li]Extend/add scenes[/li][li]Re-light the characters and environments[/li][li]Model environments[/li][li]Resolve render issues with brain’s eyelids[/li][/ul]I’m gonna post updates on this thread as I go, any c&c on the animation at the moment would really be appreciated :slight_smile:


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