france - canada reconciliation poster


this is just a poster i did for a convention on the reconciliation between france and canada. I was wantin some C&Cs. I used maya 4.5 and photoshop 7.0. This was my first project.


I really like the imagery. Most of what I know about Canada I learned from watching the NHL, so please excuse my ignorance. I notice you chose the Fleur de Lis to represent Canada – does this conference focus on the Province of Quebec or is it all of Canada? The bleu blanc et rouge background is a nice subtle detail I almost missed. It was a good decision to use icons of each country rather than flags – your call or was that a specific request? Wonder what the current relationship is between France and Canada.

Anyway, very nice work!


You are absolutely right, that conference focused on the province of Quebec, but since they are part of canada, the leaders didnt want to offend anybody so i left it that way. The use of icons for each country was my call, i told them i could do both, but this way would be more original. The relationship between france and canada is great. They hire a lot of french speaking people in quebec in order to keep french as their first language. There are a lot of opportunities up there, that’s for sure.

thanks for your input


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