Framestore to open in Montréal


to work on

Paddington Bear
[i]All You Need Is Kill


Framestore’s decision to establish an operation in Montréal is based on the city’s significant software, creative and technological talent base and a proven track-record of attracting quality VFX work from major US film studios. This combined with the fiscal advantages offered by Québec’s Film Tax Credit (QPSTC) mean both Framestore and its clients will benefit from improved cost efficiencies.

Ahh those fiscal advantages, wonder when MPC will be opening an office there.


I’m genuinely surprised you didn’t mention the latest gossip from the London studio here, as I fully expected that when I clicked the link.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.


They already have one in Vancouver, which seems to be looking at stepping up fiscal lures even more, they can probably do without one in Montreal for a while longer :slight_smile:


I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Yup I do. …


haha, that one project must be one of the most darkly whispered of in a while :slight_smile:


Hopefully not more bad news…


Only if your one of the chosen few.




well, framestore london sent this email to the crew (source vfxsoldier):

As projects approach their final weeks we have been reviewing the crew requirements for confirmed work in London. Whilst we are bidding on a number of projects we don’t expect work in London to pick up again until the Autumn so we need to reduce the headcount across all the VFX teams. Following an initial review of crew schedules we would like you to attend a group meeting tomorrow at 10am in the Wells Street Cinema. At this meeting we will tell you more about the process we will follow to reach final decisions on which roles and individuals will be impacted by this and answer any questions you may have. There will be an opportunity for individual meetings over the next week or two but it is very important that you attend this group meeting. Your Producer and Supervisor know that they need to spare you for half an hour.


News is that they plan on adding 200 new positions in Montreal, and at the expense of those in London. Quebec throws out insane tax credits for vfx companies, and yet they are the most heavily indebted province in the Canada.


Quebec’s been a financial parasite to the rest of Canada. Ontario carried the load for a while with business and car manufacturing, more recently taking a dive due to the 08 crash and manufacturing exporting jobs, but thankfully Alberta has the oil biz up and running well to take over the mantle.

I dont know, i like Quebec as a visitor, but when it comes to politics and finances, there’s either widespread mafia corruption, huge protests or the latest adventure in crumbling city infrastructure:


Awesome. Montreal is an amazing city to live in aside from the cold in winter.


The issue about Alberta is that we have not much else other than oil. Film industry and cg type work in this province is very thin, so I do a lot of web dev work to compensate. We do have tax grants, but not much of a base to feed off it or build anything credible.


good for you.

by the way, I see you got the whole point of the thread… :surprised


edit: nvmind.


Vancouver part II, here we go. This is the new race to the bottom.

Everyone’s just going to incentivize each other into oblivion, and there will be even more displaced artists floating around the world once these areas (like Vancouver is now) realize they can’t maintain the subsidies.


Yes it is good for me actually.


The federal government has always favored the Eastern provinces. There was talk of BC and Alberta separating decades ago.
I could see Alberta doing it before BC.

Quebec–we had to learn French in school and products have to carry bilingual labels or they cant come into the country easily which irritates-especially since I have never ever had to use French except when talking to a federal government office. Waste of school time for the most part. Would have rather learned Latin or Greek.

It would make more sense to teach kids cantonese and mandarin in BC these days than French.

A few decades ago there was a brief drive to develop english and french canadian film (with taxpayer money -offering a 100 percent return on investment) but that seems to have died down a lot even in Quebec and the aim now is to service Hollywood at least when it comes to films that have a use for computer effects.
In the days before cgi the very few canadian films that had traditional effects were mostly bringing in people from the US to do it.


Would London artists be able to ask for a transfer? I mean some of the London management have been shipped over to get things started. Or would they just reapply for the vacancies.

Personally I see companies needing to reduce overheads for their survival in the current economy. So whatever financial advantage they can get, the are going to take it. Also I see Framestore is actually trying their best to do what they can for their staff and keeping them updated it seems, if what VFXSoldier has posted is correct. As some large UK companies in the past few months have just gone bust and left staff with unpaid wages. Hopefully will things get better.

That aside it’s nice to see that Framestore has some nice films lined up to be worked on.


The point of the thread, looking at the title, is that FS is opening in Montreal. An artist happy about having the city as an option is fairly on topic IMO.

That Kill or the staf offsetting came up later doesn’t suddenly make discussion about working in Montreal becoming an option suddenly OT :slight_smile: