Framebuffers in 2009 missing options


I’m having issues with the description of the framebuffer workflow in the doc not matching what’s in Maya.

For example, my camera does not have the Primary and Secondary Framebuffer sections. It does have an outputShaders shection

miDefaultOptions has no button for creating a userBuffer

Is this a UI thing or AETemplate thing or what?

Thanks in advance,


Starting with Maya 2009, the new multi-render pass workflow is the recommended way of dealing with mental ray framebuffers. The other information in the docs is primarily for legacy scenes. Check out the “What’s New” section of the docs for information on the render pass system.



Thanks for the reply! Makes sense.

The render pass system, to put it mildly, doesn’t have enough control to do anything useful with it. Shame.


What don’t you think you can do with it?


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