fp spiralosa ok0001 BN, Francesco Mai (3D)


Title: fp spiralosa ok0001 BN
Name: Francesco Mai
Country: Italy
Software: Lightwave 3D, Modo

Title:fp spiralosa ok0001 BN
Name: Francesco Mai
Country: Italy
Software: modo,Lightwave 3D

Hello everybody.I am Francesco Mai,an Italian digital artist.I want to show you one of my favourite artworks related to my particular artistic research 100% digital tools.I am very fascinated from organic shape and bio-alien-mechanical aspect.Every image like this “fp spiralosa ok0001 BN” are rendered at very high resolution(14.00011.000 pixels) and then printed with Lambda technology at big size (160120 cm).

Francesco Mai


interesting work you have there m8.

i think it looks kinda alienish, spot on!

the thing i don`t like is the shadows beeing so sharp. try using a softer light, maybe a studio render. good luck!

keep up the good work!


Very cool. You have some great stuff on your website. I stumbled upon your work a couple years ago on Beinart. Keep up the good work, your forms are very interesting to look at.


Very nice looking shape and very cool shader. I like what you did there!
Really good work. Thumbs up!


Hi Francesco i like it very much…the atmosphere and the mood that it shows is very deep. So compliments about your img and your works.


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