Fox Shaman, Zsuzsa Tasi (2D)


Title: Fox Shaman
Name: Zsuzsa Tasi
Country: Hungary
Software: Photoshop

This was painted as somekind of selfportrait. It shows the spirit of the fox within and following around the shaman.
It is a honor for nature and totem spirit.
Used PS7 and genius pen.

Comments are welcome.


Great work! Congrats.


I love it! The painterly style with hard edges is unusual in a world of smooth-textured cg portraits. I like the vibrant choice of colours, dynamic posture (not entirely relaxed, looks energised), and the shaman/tribal narrative is pretty cool!

I think that the head looks a bit too large for the body though, and also the face looks rather masculine to me but I don’t know if this was intentional? I don’t normally have issue with stuff like that, except that I genuinely thought she was male until the rest of the image loaded and I realised it was a handsome female!

I really hope that does not come across the wrong way - this is a very well rendered piece and I look forward to more of your work!


Hi there! Your concetion is awsome! It’s a really beautiful piece. But as the previous commenter said, her face look a bit masculine. I dn’t really mind about it, because the whole image has integrity. Great work!:slight_smile:


Akash - beautiful work!! From me AWARD!!


i really like your painterly approach. looks very nice.


i like the details in the surrounding, beautiful loose stokes:D great job!


I like your style, this is really nice work.


Beautiful work. The way how you balanced out the foreground and background is really inspiring. Great painting !
There is only one thing that stands out a bit to me - the rock she’s standing on has this bright/hard edge (right under her knee) that looks a bit odd. Maybe the value is too high, but maybe it’s only me :wink:
Amazing work !


Great work! I think you have strong knowledge of classic art :slight_smile: cheers!


Thank you all the nice comments!

Yes many said that the face is masculin. It’s ok , I don’T like loreal-look pretty faces, especially when they are drawn for a warrior or something like that. Because it makes the picture not so serious and huny-bunny. :smiley:

And yes, a mistake with the head size, I think too it’s a little big, but I didn’t recognized until other said.

And the big rock is clearer because she used to use it as a table, when she collects herbs in the forest, and sit on it very often. That’s why it’s not mossy. :slight_smile:


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