Foundry releases new Sculpting app (VR focus)


The Foundry has released on early access a sculpting tool called Kanova. I suspect it will soon jump ahead of other early VR sculpting tools–just based on the resources of the Foundry versus other early entrants.

I anticipate that Maxon will be moving into this space sometime over the next 18 months.

Update: I played with it for 10 minutes. Currently the tool set is pretty limited. There aren’t any stamps or stencils for instance. I was impressed with the feel of it and the resolution.

One thing I’ve yet to see in any VR sculpting or painting tool (I’ve had limited exploration) is the ability to view reference images while working. For someone like me this would be huge and that doesn’t seem like it would be hard at all for developers to provide.


The text under the Youtube video claims that the Foundry developed ADF technology. But this 2010 ADF patent is by Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories:

Also, several articles on the internet talk about “The Foundry buying access to ADF technology/patents” and similar.

So is this tech actually developed by the Foundry for real, or are they simply using someone else’s 8 year old patent?


Ok, I can answer my own question. The foundry acquired the sketching software Made With Mischief:

The software is made by Dr. Sarah Frisken, co-inventor of ADF, and they simply hired her to work at the Foundry.

Short answer: [b]The Foundry did not “develop” or “invent” this ADF technology. They simply bought into it with money.

The text under the Youtube video is misleading.[/b]


Pixologic just needs to make ZBrush work in VR, with all available tools.


That’d be crazy cool, and I think would help to eliminate some of the UI barrier that many of us have trouble crossing.


I’d be surprised if they aren’t working on it–or exploring the option. The tricky thing is how to make lots of options readily accessible in VR. They should start like this tool is starting…with a simple subset of tools.