foundation package shipping & symmetric modeling ?


hi :slight_smile:

i purchased foundation last week on wednesday… ive read somewehre, that avid starts shipping the foundationpackage on monday august 16th. when i look at my shippingstatus it says that my order is “pending, license sent”.

i just cant wait to get this package and start watching those dvds etc - so is there anyone who has received his/her package, yet ? btw, i am living in germany - i dunno how far this impacts the shippingtime :wink:

would be great to see some comments about your experiences with the shippingtime of softimage, especially outside of canada/us !

another thing: i started to get into xsi-character-modeling… in cinema 4d there is a mirroring-object which allows me to only model one side of the character while the other side of the model updates automatically. the points in the middle of the mesh are welded together…

i tried to do the same using xsi’s symmetry map, but had no luck with it… then i did some searches on cgtalk and xsibase and found a workaround (cloning original mesh, scale it negative on the x-axis, merge the original and the clone). that works but isnt by far as good as cinemas inbuild mirroring-object. i tweaked it a bit (made the clone and the merged mesh unselectable, hidden the clone and displayed the original mesh only in wireframemode while the merged mesh is in shaded view) but i think this is very intricate and i still cant achieve the flexibility and usability of cinemas mirror-object…

ive read several threads regarding to this subject and on almost every thread the users said: “there will be such an option coming with 4.0” ! so - now there is 4.0 - is there an symmetry-modeling-tool, too ?

wmendez said: “There is also a Symmetrize polygon option which preserves your uv’s and allows you to keep making adjustments to the orginal half of the model while the other half updates with the changes.”, but when i use this option and update my mesh, the other side does not update :frowning:

so, how is the situation now - are there any additions regarding this in 4.0 ?

thx in advance & best regards

p.s. as always, please excuse my poor english :wink:


I haven’t received mine yet either - but, I did download the XSI 4.0 demo and used the key that Softimage sent by email. I downloaded the documentation as well … so, that should keep me busy until the DVD’s arrive. :slight_smile:


Check the Virtual Mirror at I have no idea if it works how you want it to (I haven’t checked- I’m still trying to learn how to use the demo :).


waiting too, but the html tuts are great IMO


first: thx for the link :slight_smile:

i installed it and it works, but its exactly the same that i described above without having to setup this workaround manually… so if you work in shaded mode (which i usually do !) the original geometrie overlaps the virtually generated… choas :frowning:

i think a symetricmodeling option like in c4d, lw or max is a musthave-option :confused: so - nothing happened in 4.0 regarding this ?

@preludian: verdammt - ich will das paket endlich haben, um richtig einsteigen zu koennen. c4d ist schon sehr unterschiedlich zu xsi… naja, viel spass beim warten :wink:

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i think a symetricmodeling option like in c4d, lw or max is a musthave-option :confused: so - nothing happened in 4.0 regarding this ?
i’m also waiting for a symmetry mode like in lw … no need to have a centerline while modeling … :love:


the best mirror tool I know of is the one from Zbrush2, perfect! But seems that XSI lacks a decent mirror syn tool at all. Well, maybe when more LW and Cinema users use XSI Softimage will react, hopefully sooner than the XSI 5.0 release :smiley: .

Ich hatte nicht gelesen, dass die erst ab dem 16. ausliefern, mist verdammt.


Heh, even Truespace has a solid mirror modeling tool. Good thing I like all of the other modeling tools in XSI…


if you make an instance… weld your vertices with the other side… you really work only on half model… it’s solid… and actually the way I use to model my meshes… and instead to wait for the messiah… you could also make a button by copy 'n paste that actions…



got an email yesterday says shipping shortly.
I got my dvd’s in advance and I been checking those out. some of the topics can cook your head. but there totally righteous.

also i have to say that the softimage store was really great to purchase from. " being that i bought the dvd’s before the 495 foundation was announced" they totally hooked me up and let me buy the foundation for the remainder of the cost, and better than that they did it painlessly and with feedback of when the got stuff done. I’m very very happy with my purchase and how they did business. just so this doesn’t turn into a blow fest, i’m not as happy that the format of the dvd’s is flash controlled. i bought a big tv and i want to sit back have a drink and watch about geometry approximation settings for displacement mapping. not have to sit at my computer.

oh well

francesca how was vacation?

kurt :thumbsup:


francesca how was vacation?

too short… :scream:



i got a great reply to the symmetry-question on - heres a quote:


                                         Hi I'm a fairly new XSI user too, but I get the symmetry working. Try this out
  1. make a new polygon sphere
  2. go to polygon selection mode
  3. mark left half of the sphere in top view
  4. press delete
    The boundry edges should now turn cyan
  5. select: modify->poly mesh->symmetrize polygons
  6. select: property->symmetry map (default is YZ plane) so no need to change anything
  7. in the transform section select the sym button (You can right click on it to ensure that is in YZ plane as well)
    press m to go to the move point tool
  8. move one off the point around and the mirrored point should move as well

Hope I the above description works for you…

this works so damn good - have fun, using it :wink:

@ kurt: thanks :slight_smile: you are right - ive been in contact with the softimage support team and some resellers, and they are really helpful and customer oriented !

best regards


[size=2] damned - its not exactly what i need :confused:
indeed it works while moving the vertices but when i add new edges/polys/vertices to the geometry the other side does not update…

any other options/ideas ?



francesca’s suggestion works pretty well: create an instance of your model. Scale it to -1 on one axis. Switch to hidden line removal.



Delete half your object, clone it, scale the clone -1 on the x axis, or whatever axis you want to mirror across. Now you can edit the original and the clone will update accordingly. You can only edit the original object, and there’s no welded seam so moving verts on the seams will open them up. XSI could definitely use a proper mirror or symmetry modeling function but for now this is acceptable. It’s an acceptable way to work but could be better.


Yeah, symmetry modeling isnt xsi’s strong suit. I mostly dont even bother making an instance of one half, i just model one half, and ever once in a while I duplicate, merger the halves, then delete half the object if it is getting messy around the seems. re aligns everything well enough, but takes up a minute of your time. O well, heres hoping Avid buys pixologic :bounce:



As long as one hasn’t have to add detail, but merely push points with ‘m’ than manipulating components symmetrically is great. If one has to add geom. than I think I would prefer doing it the The Lost Vertex way. Even in LW one has to delete one half and mirror it sometimes.

PS: Hi Andreas, bist du jetzt auch im XSI Boot :slight_smile: was ist mit LW, ganz weg diesmal :wink: ?


regarding shipping: I noticed that the wording on the XSI site says that they will BEGIN shipping the WEEK OF August 16th.

My interpretation is that this doesn’t mean that they have shipped shipped everyone’s orders on Monday (yesterday), but that they will START shipping orders SOMETIME this week.

They’re probably very busy with the mad rush on XSI caused by the price drop. :wink:


True. And even if Avid started shipping on the 16th does anyone really expect their package to arrive already???


Right, even in LW the symmetry does not work with all the modelling tools. I can live with the symmetry “workaround” in XSI. It’s modelling power is really great - from what I’ve seen so far.

Yes, I couldn’t resist to purchase XSI Foundation. It’s a steal. LW will be sold this month. No looking back, just straight forward to XSI :-)))))