FOSS cross-platform 3D car wheel parametric model creator.


Good hour everyone, except vermins.

A campaign has been launched to create cross-platform free software with open source code, creating a three-dimensional parametric model of the car’s wheel.
The result models can be used into different 3D game engines, using export.

youtube promo. Working prototype.

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discord server invite. For discuss this and my future projects.

indiegogo campaign link.


Sorry, I’ll just try to state this as clearly as I can, since I don’t know much of the background stuff needed (I could be talking nonsense :slight_smile: ):

Is it/would it have been possible to do this inside a 3D program, using it’s language (for example Maxscript in Max), “taking advantage” of its 3D functionality, instead of just…doing it raw? - ie. using whatever language you have used? Would it have been possible to do what you did, ie. have boxes for various parameters, and then changing values inside them would make the wheel change, in the viewport of the 3D program?? If so, why didn’t you take that approach?

This kind of thing interests me greatly - I just wish I knew more about it, and so am looking for more insight into this field (and world!) :slight_smile:


yes, it is possible to do this inside a 3D program, using it’s language. But this way have no advantages.
Only disadvantages is present. Because:

  • the time to work with my project will be short… it simple for users. And you always can work with your CAD later uses export.

  • if you do pluguin, then it only for one CAD, or you must do own pluguin for each CAD == head pain, because, codingtime will be increased CADnumber times… 10 CAD’s pluguin = pluguin coding time * 10.

  • in case of CAD pluguin you must have skills of using this CAD. No skills == can’t create. But my project is possible simply for user… just choose your variant and press save or export button. Independent what CAD you will use later.

  • the CAD’s size is giant. but my project size will be close to 10mb , and web based. This mind you can render screen for your 2D sketching , render png scene for good quality for 2D , or export 3D OBJ etc file, that use it later in your big CAD, just uses web browser technology.


Very cool idea. Well done.

One suggestion: Often tires in a 3D animation need to leave an imprint on soil, mud and so on.

If you had an export option for a flat version of the tire profile - instead of round the tire, just a long flat strip of the profile elements - then one could use boolean subtract to create tire tracks.

Again - great idea. I hope your editor becomes popular.


ou, your are right, i planned the flat tire projection under wheel, but before i planned to create this structure from lines. But now i think the substrack looks more native… need choose, little later.
this is the option in gui for flat tire


Yes yes, of course what you say is true. It’s just that learning to code inside a 3D program would have been SO cool, that’s all :slight_smile:

So - this thing is going to be Javascript then?


Frontside is html,css,javascript
Backside Python3 possible, but it only if this will be really needed. May be work with files and folders inside OS, which javascript can’t do so good as python