FORUM PRIMER: New to CGTalk? Learn how to post IMAGES here!


Hello, for those of you who are new to CGTalk, or who are wondering how in the world you can post images to the various threads so that the world may see your work, I have compiled a walk-thru of how to use the FREE image hosting site to upload your images which you can then post to CGTalk (or other, less cool website :))

The walk-thru / tutorial can be found on the Anatomy forum [b]HERE. :slight_smile:

[/b][size=2]Hope this is useful to those of you who are new, and I hope that this encourages you to join CGTalk and to post your work. Please visit the Artistic Anatomy and Figurative Art sub-forum when you get the opportunity! :slight_smile:



Cool idea.



Thanks! CGTalk can be a big intimidating place which prohibits folks from joining up when they should. I hope this makes things easier for them. :slight_smile:



With Imageshack you don’t have to sign up for anything. Which takes away an unnecessary step from the process for beginners.



Cool advice, it seems the two biggest names for image hosting are indeed Image Shack and Photobucket. Thanks for mentioning Image Shack! :slight_smile:

The thing I like about Photobucket is that you do not have to view images within a Photobucket browser. Does Image Shack allow you to post images into another website, or are you only capable of being directed to the Image Shack site to view the images you have uploaded to their server?



imageshack tends to go wrong almost all the time though,u happily think ur posting an image perfectly,then 2 minutes later it shows up as a red x,ggrrrr.


You can show images within the forum directly, or, if they are deemed too large you can link through a picture thumnail that will open the hosted image in a new window.

All neccessary code is easily copy/pasted from the generated scripts. Give it a shot with something of yours, and see for yourself. :slight_smile:

I’ve never experienced any problems with the Imageshack service. I’ve used it within these and other forums since joining.


L.Rawlins / NOOB,

Lol, this was never meant to be a MAC vs. PC kinda thing :slight_smile: ~ basically, I stick with what I know, and I know Photobucket and not Image Shack. People are free to use what they like best. :slight_smile: Just so long as people don’t try to link to their hard drives. :wink: Standard noobie mistake: thinking they can link an image from their hard drive. It doesn’t work that way, people! :slight_smile:



Imageshack works fine. They also have a little proggie now that you can download, which lets you upload images directly from your harddisk with a right-click menu.



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~Uh, huh huh, settle down, NOOB, uh, huh huh ~ a la Beavis and Butthead :slight_smile:



i’ve never had any problems with imageshack… actually if you’ve got a mac the uploading will be even faster (3 sec) with the widget :thumbsup:

thx for the tutorial! :slight_smile:



No prob :slight_smile: ~ Clearly, I have too much time on my hands. :scream:



thanks bro


thanks brother


thanx dear friend for your information:thumbsup:


dylan tyler, mr: big smart,

No problem! :slight_smile: You are welcome. :wink:



thank you for this. i am new to the site and new to 3d modeling/animation etc.

i am a student and i am finally done with my “foundation” classes and i am just now getting into my focus area which is 3d design (digital).

they teach us MAYA at my college (college for creative studies in detroit, MI) and i look forward to getting various crits from everybody here and hopefully join some of the various contests i see from time to time here.

like i said, i am new to the site and new to the field and i look forward to growing with the community and in my passion, which is 3d design.



No problem! Good luck in your studies. :slight_smile: Enjoy CGTalk!

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Ahem, am i to understand that it is impossible to post an image directly into the post, without using some third-party hosting service ? Why is that so ? Okay, each user on cgtalk have a certain amount of disk space for attachments, so why cant i upload an image directly using that same space ? Does what i am saying makes sense to anyone ? :slight_smile: