Forum Fun 8!: Disney Grows Up. (Deadline Jan 31st)


[i]I thought it was about time to start a new one, since the “color me” things never seem to be as popular …

Here’s the premise (inspired by the “Alice” video game):[/i]

What if … Disney finally decided to grow up and enter the adult market of video games, movies and comic books?

Your job as concept artist at Disney Studios is to take an existing Disney feature film character (Snow White, Lion King, Pinnocchio, etc.) and re-conceptualize it to fit into one of the following markets:

1. Feature Film - The CEO of Disney wants to produce a sci-fi/fantasy/horror animated (traditional or CG) film to compete with such films as Star Wars, LOTR or The Evil Dead.

2. Video Game - Disney Interactive is brainstorming a few ideas for a first person shooter much like Unreal Tournament, Quake or Counter Strike.

3. Comic Book - Mickey, Donald & Goofy just aren’t cutting it anymore in the sales department. A new book is needed to compete with the likes of X-Men, Batman and Witchblade.

The execs at Disney want to kick 2003 off with the best of the best! Here’s your chance to show them a new vision of the Disney franchises. Get to work! Your job at Disney depends on it. :smiley:

[edit] WIPs allowed in this thread. However, please limit the number of attached images as a courtesy to the people on dial-up connections. :smiley: I’d say that your 2 most recent updates should be sufficient for this thread. Edit or delete old WIP images or your friendly 2D Moderators will do it for you. Thanks! [/edit]


I am so in … good idea Kirt I love it. :bounce: oh and happy new year CGTALK :beer:


All right Kirt! Great idea!

I’m on it!! :thumbsup:

2003 sounds good!


Thats such a great idea Kirt , i’ll nominate that for the next challenge.

so many possibilities :slight_smile:


Kingdom hearts !!!

That’s a fun game for kids and adults . Hard gameplay with soft characters .


I’m not such a great drawer but still I’m gonna do my upperbest for this one, awesome idea! :smiley:


he he he, Im in. I got a concept brewing… yep, there it is, oh, oh yeah, there it is…


MUAHAHAHAHA…ya started a thread for me!!!:love:


I somehow knew you guys were going to like this one. :buttrock:

I can’t wait to see the creative and wonderful entries. And for those who want to know … I’m in on this one too. Expect a new Robin Hood from me, sometime soon.

Oo - da - lally! :wavey:


well here’s my wip for the forum fun I won’t get to spend much time on it cause I’m working on my demo reel but its a fun concept thanks alot for the fun Kirt.


Excellent idea :thumbsup:
I’m very happy with my new partner in crime :slight_smile:


Made a little change to the rules on this one. WIP images are now allowed (with restrictions). See above.

We’ll probably add a deadline on this at a later date. Once the new Challenges start we’ll have a better idea on a good date to wrap this one up. So, don’t procrastinate … you’ll miss out on the fun. :smiley:


I started a WIP thread…hmmmmmmmmmm…but I will put stations of my work here.

AGAIN…ABSOULTE GRAT IDEA KIRTY-DUDE!!!:bounce: :thumbsup: :applause:


Wher are the entries dudes and dudettes!!!
Comon all:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: lets do some evil stuff in here. This is Kirts debut,…:beer:
Lets make this Forumfun rock like a grilled chicken in the arctic!!!

So,…lets go

Tommy Lee


YaY! I’m doin Mowgli, U know that little idiot from Jungle Book :wink: he’s starting to look a bit like Tarzan tho… :slight_smile:


Here is the first pic I post in this thread…still a WIP!!!:wip:


Tommy you are a sick man and have scared my inner- child to tears . Cool thanks . but when I start having Disney nightmares its your fault :applause:


This fault would be a pleasure…:twisted:

Thanks dude

Tommy Lee


Hehe Stygian, the beauty will do Dark Vador? :smiley:

Great idea Reins, could be really interestin’ !! Keep goin’!

Wowow!Looks good again Tommy Lee!! Mickey haven’t been so friendly before :smiley: …Love your Donald…really…disturbin’ (or disgustin’ …;I don’t know) :thumbsup:

(and thx again for your Acteon, sorry I wasn’t here those two past days)

Who’s next? (I will give it a try this week-end :wink: )

C ya!



I added the deadline of January 31st. It looks as if the new challenges will be starting mid-January. That gives everyone a few weeks to work on this and allows a couple weeks for procrastinators (like myself) to finish up. :smiley:

Jeroentje suggested a poll at the end where we can vote on our favorite entries. I think it’s a good idea. Maybe, I can provide a web trophy as well to the winners. :thumbsup:

As Tommy has said … get crackin’ folks!