Forrest Tranquility, Martin Mayer (3D)


Perfect! :thumbsup:, great texture


Stunning piece of art :buttrock: the micro details on the snail are simply great!


Hey there… I was wondering how youanimated to snail! it looks very nice and natural. Im curious and impressed!


Good job! :slight_smile:


Wow, big thanks to all of you! It is great to wake up and see all these positive comments. Thanx for the questions, Now some responses!

Scripted animation :) sounds fancy ha. :) All i wanted to have flexible automated rig that will produce convincing snail like motion no matter how "fast" the snail crawls.
So i ended up writing few expressions in Maya that generate some noise and sinus curves based on the distance the snail travels.
Then those curves drive joints with some time offset so it looks like crawling and the motion of one joint is dependent on the previous and so on.

The SSS is SSS :)

Here is play-blast of the result:
Modo was used for " modeling, texturing, shaderwork ,rendering" it was little presonal challenge for me to use modo instead the usual Maya+Mray or Max+Vray combo i usually use.
Sure! here it comes All textures are procedural there is very little hand painting involved in the textures, it is just ton of fine procedural layers stacked together and lots of tweaking.
I was quite pleased with the addition of all the new maps to modo 501.

Please if you have any questions let me know!

Wire-frame and Some progress detail:


Awesome :slight_smile: shading and lighting is very realistic, and by looking at your demo reel, oh wow… you have great skills…congratulations!!!


great work! the animation is amazing too.


very nice work :slight_smile:


That’s Awesome.


Great work !!!


Amazing photo real textures and lighting.


Great stuff man. I just don’t understand the mushroom it looks like donuts :slight_smile: 5*


Great render!!


Dang! What they all said. Excellent work. The only give away to me, after watching a few times, is the eye stems would pull back now and then as it probes along.


this is beautiful. plus this is all scripted???



Fantastic!! really great render!!:applause:


Fantastic work. Like it a lot.

You really used Modo for rendering the animation? May I ask if you ran into any problems, crashes, flickering GI or the like? The animation was transferred using point oven/ mdd I assume? I’m asking because we are currently looking at alternative options to Mental Ray. Do you think that this workflow could be usable in a production environment?


Well! Thank you guys sooo much for your support and kind words!

    Lol you mean like "Homer Simpson pink doughnuts?", but to answer your question  these are "Magic Mushrooms".
    not quite "all" is scripted :) but the animation is scripted :) and then humanized :) and thank you!
    Yes i used modo the speed of the new 501 allowed me to make this in under a week. 
    One  of the most fantastic things about modo is the interactive view, that  was almost fast enough to keep up with my speed of thinking. :) Plus it helps tremendously with texture work.
     There were no flickering issues as the whole thing was rendered with "brute force" GI, otherwise no major crashes or so... 
     I used my own python based mdd exporter to get the anim from maya to  modo. But seems like point oven or modomotion might be good options.  Check out you PM you have one from me.
     I hope i answered most of your questions...if not feel free to ask!
     Many thanx!!!


Nothing to point out. Everything looks great: model, textures, light, animation, camera DOF,…

Amazing work! Congratulations.


Great work man, and the animation is looking real nice :slight_smile: the wet texture is spot on :wink: