Forrest Tranquility, Martin Mayer (3D)


Title: Forrest Tranquility
Name: Martin Mayer
Country: Canada
Software: Digital Fusion, Maya, Modo

Little proof of concept i did while ago… hope you like it :slight_smile:
Please check out animation of this little guy on my website or youtube


Damn, no responses? Amazing work! Looks photo real to me! Everything here is topnotch: Modeling, textures, shaders, lights, and compositing/post. Great stuff!


Thank you for the kind words!
Here is some anim of this little guy.
It is kinda slow so please give it some time to get to shot 2 :slight_smile:


This is beautiful work. As MisterE said all aspects are great. Nice calming piece to take a timeout with:)


All the work is choice man. Super photo-real. Just looks great. In love with the lighting and the camera work. That gloss (mucous) for the snail and the mushroom sold it for me.


Excelent and beautiful work.


Great work man!! Love the shaders and composition!!

congrats! ;D


Wow, the video is even better! Haven’t seen too many snails lately, lol, but personally would have liked to see more elasticity (squash and stretch, literally) in the movement. Also could use some music and/or sound, but I could be just nitpicking!


First off Thank you all !

On second look i think you might be right about the animation,
just so you know the whole movement is entirely scripted there
are no key frames on this…the bug is fully autonomous,
and sometimes it does not help if i stare at things for too long,
i tend to miss things :slight_smile:
as for the music… this is part of a bigger piece so no sound for now… but in time… :slight_smile:
once again thank you!


Superb Render! Scripted animation? Wow! I’ve never come across such a kind or maybe I was just never aware of it. The video was pretty short but awesome to look at.
Did you script the shaders or is that SSS? They are totally off the charts! Best of luck with the rest of the project! :thumbsup:


Wow…You really captured the wet and slimy look of the snail very well. The animation itself shows remarkable fine details and the movement is near to perfect!

Cobra 6


wow , amazing.
for what part did you use Modo?


Damn that looks awesome, especially the animation.
Really great work on the shaders, very convincing.


wow nice render & i like it the textures but the textures by the mushroom it need work
any way

keep on & good luck :beer:


amazing work!


I like it. Very good !


Wow! Fantastic job. And after looking at your youtube page I have to say you have some pretty amazing stuff.

  • Jon


Very nice work! :thumbsup:


i only have this to say-wow!


Amazing! Would be great if u share some wires and textures :thumbsup:. The snail shader is insane!

Great job!