Formula tools mini guide.


Hello my name is Simon aka Sifonick and I found this post very helpful and wanted to post a mini guide and tutorial on how to work with the “Formula Tools”. As that thread is now closed I thought I would just start a new one.

Any how hope this is helpful to you all.

In this tutorial I will be showing you the three different “Formula” tool’s in Cinema 4D.
You have the Spline, Deformer and the Effector tool’s.

I know a shameful plug but hey it’s with good intention.

Formula Tutorial

Formulas used in order are…

OBJECT PROPERTIES - Anything in the “quotations” marks is the formula feel free to copy and paste.
X = “200sin(tpi)”
Y = “20t"
Z = "400
Tmin = “20”
Tmax = “-4”
Samples = “51”
Tick “Cubic Interpolation” to make more rounded.

Effector default settings are…
“sin(((id/count)+t)360.0)" this will give you a full loop every 30 frames.
As you divide the “360.0” in the formula ie 180 = 60 frames 90 = 120 and so on…
You can also replace the “+” for a "
” and the “360.0” for “pi”.

Play around with the numbers and see what you come up with.
Remember you can put more then one “Effector” or “Deformer” on any object that will let you.

Flat wall ripple effect settings are…

“Sin((utpi)1.01)*0.1” this works best on “Y Radial”


Credit to…

“CS Society” and this post for leading me to the “Formula.pdf”.

and to…

“Dennismiller” for the PDF it’s self.

Thanks for reading, Sifonick