Formula Deformer - trying to rig up to Xpresso


I’m trying to replicate the default formula of the Formula Deformer in Xpresso: Sin((u+t)2.0PI)*0.2. With the “2.0” and “0.2” part wired to user sliders.

But running into some roadblocks: 1) Plugging the the variables back into the formula math. 2) How to get the U data from UVs (if that’s what the default math is using). 3) Resulting deformer is moving the entire model in a sine pattern, not rippling out to individual polygons/points/edges.

Would appreciate some help. Maybe I’m overthinking it?


I’m not too sure what end result you are after - but I would suggest playing around with the formula variables and see how they manipulate the plane.

To feed it from xpresso you need to use a string formula into that field not real. So it can be done.


Several problems here. First, you are confusing Formula Effector with Formula Deformer. Second, you can adjust the formulas with User Data but it is done by using Math Add in String format. Building a formula up like this is called formuIa concatenation. I attached 2 examples to demonstrate this stuff. The second one I included because, for me at least, the results of formula manipulation can be pretty confusing but the example using the spline shows exactly what the manipulation does.


Math>Add>String. Ahhhh! Very helpful, thank you!


Thank you for that as well; came in quite handy this evening!


I didn’t know that. I have been using a Python node for text concatenation.

Thanks for the insight!


If I can help you, Noseman, I am honored! Over the years I have learned a ton of tricks from you.


Hi I know this is an old post but I don’t suppose you still have those example files you could share again? I can’t see any download links/buttons…