Forms of Figurative Art


I do not know if this is the area to post this but it is a start.

I have a question to the whole anatomical artist, traditionalist and digitalist. I have been dabbling in the realist art work for a long while. I just started in the digital art a month ago. Since then, I have realized the potential to move into different forms of art. I have always wanted to create an illustrated book, like a comic book but more realistic. With Coral Painter, I am able to save color palettes and sketches etc. This would make this book come into fruition.

My question is I need to find the style or form of illustration. Where can I go to research these styles? I notice some of y’all post your works here and it can vary from picture perfect to cartoon animation. I need to find that and what medium used to create it, digitally of course.

Thanks for y’alls help!


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