Form of the Head and Neck book - by Anatomy For Sculptors. Kickstarter campaign


Author is a classically trained sculptor with over 25 years of experience and a degree in Art (Sculpture) from the Art Academy of Latvia. Currently teaching anatomy at the Art Academy of Latvia and author of two anatomy books for artists:

The head and neck, as we all know, are an ever-changing structure. First of all, it’s rarely static and there are many factors that make us look different besides emotions. Such as Age, Ethnicity, Gender, Body type.

In this book, these critical features and other questions are going to be analyzed and described as to how they affect the form of a person’s head. That’s where understanding the form of the face and head comes from.

A Grid for the form! Visual and image information including 3D models, photos and color-coding. From simple to a complex system, elements being broken down into block-outs and then developed into detailed realistic shapes. These key parts are essential in all of our books. It is important for an artist to have this structured approach.

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Such a cool project!


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