Forgotten Kingdom, Jaroslaw Handrysik (3D)


Title: Forgotten Kingdom
Name: Jaroslaw Handrysik
Country: Poland
Software: 3ds max

Hello, I’ve made this picture for the contest “Forgotten places” in Polish cg vortal max3d ( ) with the subject of “the Forgotten Kingdom”. The central element of my work will be a mumified figure of a king sitting on a throne and a statue symbolizing victory and might, all in the ruins of a once splendid and powerful castle, now deserted and overgrown. I wanted it to have a dark and Tolkien-like feel.
I used:
3d max 7
Vray 1.45.70
Photoshop 7
Comments are most welcome. Thanks
>> Hi resolution image <<


I realy like this peace… it has a good atmosphere. I love the overgrown look . the only crit I can see which is just a minor detail is that the king could be more decade, with that amount of vines growing on him he would have been there along time and he still looks quite solid like he’s been dead for only weeks rather than years… but then again it could just be me :slight_smile:

it’s a nice peace, tell us more on how it was done.


wow…this can be my ony comment

is great dude…is perfect!


the hi-res image shows up the nice detail.
Great work.


:eek: very nice job,good idea:)
yes ,I love the overgrown 2,good model and texture.


Aaaamazing work with nice detail:eek:
Love the atmosphere.
5 star for you!:thumbsup:


Impressive work! I love how you’ve made the background.


brilliant work man, this is DAMN cool. :twisted:




Deserves to be a cg choice winner.


really cool,mind to share a wireframe??? :bounce:


Wow thats really awesome. It looks like an painting (not that i dont believe its 3d, but you know what i mean)

Really want to see the wireframe :smiley:
Stars for you.


Very good work!


Great image and idea! The only thing missing maybe is the crown :wink:


What a beautiful image!


Really love the piece and atmosphere, my only crits would be to dull out the colours. It looks a bit fresh in areas, I’d make the green on the vines/ vegetation alot more browny and withered. Perhaps the atire for the dead king? could be dulled down. Recon the composition of colour balancing is the only thing halting it from being perfect.

Brilliant Stuff!!


like the others i only have one thing to say…


Damnnn ! I Really like these atmospheres , when light rays come out of foliage and destroyed buildings .
That’s simply a piece of pure art . 5 stars . Great …:thumbsup:


polak potrafi :wink: kiedy ogłaszają wyniki ?? pozdro niezła robota
nice modeling, rendering and very good lighting :bounce: :bounce:


I like your work. it very nice