"Forever Young" - Animated short film


Sweet animation martin! Congrats! I see you come from Porsgrunn, same city as me. I currently study 3d and animation in Australia, but I think Ill join Animationmentor when Im done here. Animationmentor seems to deliver! Did you live in Norway when you studied there?



Thanks again everybody for all the nice feedback.

Rick & Nucleo: You’re gonna have an awesome time at AM. Enjoy!
Roar: Yeah, I was doing AM from my home in Norway. Sign up, you won’t regret it :slight_smile:



i thought this was a well written piece, if a little bit on the short side. i guess it is more like a vignette than a story proper, but you have a good eye for the camera, and where to be to get your message across.

the environments and shading seemed underdeveloped, and the animation felt on the verge of pantomime, but there was enough activity in your storyline to keep things going.

one thing that coulda been a nice touch would be some pupil dilation when young guy looks up at gate crashing down.

sure is an impatient little fella. which brings me to my one big question: if the gate falls down on top of him, wouldn’t that take him back to old age instead of younger still? that part confused me a little bit, but it’s a minor gripe. did anyone else notice this?

anyhow, nice work, and a good portfolio piece.



Yes, I really do feel the same way! I expected a reversion of the effect before… and when he vanished behind the portal, I was like: “Oh no, that mean animator did really send him right to the grave… what harsh punishment for vandalism!” … then the baby came… and I got confused. “Why?”
Be honest. Did you want us to fall for that trap, or was making the guy old again a to usual way for you to end it? I mean, at least, it would have had some kind of moral and punishment for the impatient old fellow. The way it is now, you minored the lesson-effect of you piece.

Nice animation work! And indeed a good feeling for cameras! Keep on going! I am curious to see further projects!



very nice work Martin!



haha, Nice animation. funny. I like it.


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