"Forever Young" - Animated short film


Hi Everybody!

Just finished my Animation Mentor Short Film "Forever Young"


Any comments and feedback are very welcome :slight_smile:

Martin K


Hi Martin!

I saw your Short film, i really like the atmosphere, the cameras, the music.
So cool how you do you develope the story in less than 1 minute, i almost crying when i saw the little baby walk.

Nice the effects, and the texture … and off course very good animations in there, i love when he’s turning in the young boy, when he is happy and jump and run … really cool.
The baby walk is sooooo cute!

i also checked your animation Showreel, pretty impressive stuff in there! Keep up the good work Martin!




rocking shortfilm! Congratulation on this masterpiece, it´s superb!



Fantastic work man, it was great seeing this come together from it’s early stages…just some words on paper! In 6 months you get this, which is a fantastic achievement. Well done
you should be proud :slight_smile:



Hej Martin!

I saw it a couple of days ago and it looks superb. Really really well done.

p.s. And how could u be so fast :slight_smile:



Thank you! Really appreciate the nice feedback :slight_smile:



Ah its done, and it looks great!
The little kid is too funny with the hat on his tiny body.


Hi Martin, good animation and story! I like expecially the atmosphere that you have made for the music that you used in. So real and balanced with the rest.

P.S. Very cool reel, i saw him and good work instead, my compliments!


Hi Martin,

Good job! I remember you choosing this or the plumbers idea. I think this has turned out great. I think you’ve done really well throughtout the AM course & produced some great pieces. I hope you get the job your after, you’ve worked hard for it!.

good luck



Nice film. I liked the sound effects as well as the animation. My only crit is the baby. His legs and arms looked too thin and long for an infant. They should be shorter and thicker in my opinion. His hands looked a bit too big as well. Still, very nice work.


:applause: Your animation is really good. I like much to see a profesional work


Wow…thanks guys for all your kind words :slight_smile:



Nice work, i must say i was surprised to see him turn into a baby. When the portal was falling i thought it was going to change him back to an old man in a cruel irony type situation. But you developed the story very quickly and effectively.


lovely animation, great sentimentality


Great work dude!!! I followed this on your blog, really nice! Very nice old man walk, cool!


That was very awesome, cause in 1 minute you told the story of most peoples lives… “Sometimes you should just make the most out of what you have…”



Nice work man. I will be attending Animation mentor in the fall, hope my reel looks as good as yours. Good luck!


very nice. like the dialogue test. and short movie is cool. :slight_smile:


Nice job man. I cant wait for the fall iam attending AM too. See you there rick !!! :bounce::bounce:


very nice animation, i wish i could animate like you.

top man and top animation