Forest Refuge, Alex Roman (3D)


This is such a simple picture, but it looks absolutely real. I love the lighting and the greens. Very well done


Absolutely stunning…:eek:

Its too hard to differentiate with a real image…


Great work! you make awesome realism and also I love building design:thumbsup: 5stars


Really beautiful pictures, perfect “rainy” atmosphere, perfect lightning and finally perfect materials:thumbsup: I “don´t like” only tree on fifth closeup render, the hard connection between branch and trunk.

Could you post some wires, clays and some details about lightning and some information about scene? number of faces etc. thanks in advance:)

Congratulation and best luck!


Its breathtaking work mate , 5 Stars * from me.

Its incredible, keep it up.



Outstanding work ! :eek:

Can someone enlighten me ? are all trees and grass 3D objects ? How many billion polys and rendered with what ?! :eek:


WHAT???:smiley: Man, this is fantastic…
With this pictures you motivated me to render plants now:D never saw 3D plants so real, absolutely fantastic. if you just said only the building is 3d, i think noone here had doubts that these plants are digital too…Awesome, 5 stars!


I dont often reply, but wow now i got to. First i thout cool integration into a 2d picture. then i saw that it whas all 3d! 5 stars from me!


[left]I’ve never been so amazed like I am with your renders! 5 very well deserved stars


Amazing work ( saving to inspirations folder) :applause: Foliage is offcourse outstanding and lighting is really nice :slight_smile: Dof & vignetting add extra touches of realism :slight_smile:

5 stars :thumbsup:


great work .upnormal work


Awesome stuff mate! :thumbsup:


no Words to say~ so cool !! congratulation~ 5*


i can say anything !!!
5 star:buttrock:


Simpy amazing work, the realism is so accurate. Very well done!


spectacular work!



that’s really nice, i especially like your color correction/lighting outputs in all your other works as well.
would you be so kind to share some of the ideas/techniques you use to get such nice atmosphere/color shifts? your post work/pass work


looking great! lighting and textures looks good.onyx rules for sure.

I notice the bark on the trees and where the branches meets the trunk looks weird in a couple of places (especially pic nr 6…) other that that this is very cool work! u got some wires? looks like most of the background are photos to me.

well done anyhoo.

edit: more knitpicking: the tree on the last pic looks totally off… never seen a birch like that. u know those branches looks very odd. usually branches get smaller the higher on the trunk…


perfect,five star for me!!


what can i say ! 5 stars amazing work mate well done!