Forest Refuge, Alex Roman (3D)


Title: Forest Refuge
Name: Alex Roman
Country: Spain
Software: VRay

Hello there! :slight_smile:

No posting for ages! Well, i would like to share my last personal work. It’s a Satoshi Okada project called “Forest Refuge”. My project (cg) itself has a several of POV showing three different time of a day (or weather).
I liked the idea since long time ago. It shows a truly sense of the art of architecture with the surrounding enviroment. In fact it has been a botanic exercise for me…

And now, some tech spec:

3DsMax, Vray (1.5), AE and Onyxtree (i’m in love with it BTW…)

Of course (as always) C&C are warmly welcome…

Of course (as always) C&C are warmly welcome… :stuck_out_tongue:

Some latests words:

“Nature cannot be made by a human being.” The definition of nature has been a truth since the ancient Greek philosophy, and even in Japan…
…naturata is represented as a black building itself built up from the ground. The blackness is ascribed to the lava in the memory of the site, which Mt. Fuji used to be an active volcano in the ancient times…
…“black on black” requires a delicate sense for feeling nature, trivial transformations of shadows on the black screen… Satoshi Okada


:eek: … Ok … I’m Speechless … sin palabras Alex , excelente, 5 starts for sure !!! keep the good work :slight_smile:


oh-my-god… That’s amazing!
It has that ‘old’ photography feel over it, and I mean that as a compliment!

Two minor things; at the closer-ups on the grass, it’s all stiff upwards. And on one render tree-branch connection is a bit ‘hard’. But as I said,… these are really minor things.

The depth of field is perfect!
I love it!


[left]I’m confused. Where is the 3d?! :scream:


looking like a photo… (:
realy great work…can you send any wire frame ? 4.5 ~ 5 ***** from me


simple great 5* from me…


Those are stunning! I’m especially drawn to your close-up renders of the foilage. Wonderful work on these. :buttrock:


excellent work! :buttrock:


… Is… That… 3d? OMG dude, thats sick. what a great feel of realisme. So nice. The shots with the dof i like the most. 10 stars, and of course a top row if you ask me. Inpresive man !!

Only at picture 5 its strange how the tree branches connected at the left side of the picture… of am i confused with reality now? Oef !!


there are a couple things that catch my eye…but I have to work real hard to catch them which I consider a good thing -they are terrific.

The small tree without leaves near the building kind of distracting in the first two views, the hard shadow line in the foreground on the second image that looks like it should be treetops, and the branching previously mentioned. The mood of all the views also feels like an interior to me, like the world ends outside that first line of trees at the edge of the clearing.

All things considered though I just wish you’d stop, so the rest of us don’t feel so bad. :slight_smile:


wow, great povs, love the trees and the wonderful green of it all. :bowdown:


now, this is… incredible… I believe this is BY FAR the most photo-realistic render I have ever seen in my goddamn life! Not only that, there’s this… poetic beauty in every single frame.
the stillness, the peace, the “smell” of green!
felicitaciones, alex, realmente se nota la dedicación y la minuciosidad de los detalles en todos los aspectos de la imagen.


speechless…:wise: the limit of 5 stars here is not enough… the last 2 night shots really catch the mood. i think you brought each tool you used to its highest level. an artpiece.


I even don’t dare to give any comment about this work…

It’s a stunning excellent work… :eek: 7*


Nice and inspiring work!
loved the DOF and shots,very well executed :wink:
Good luck :slight_smile:


colors and “afrer the rain” effect - just speechless. your modelling skill are amazing - but postwork in ps is “wow” - could you post just one “plain - grezzo” viz without post?
(5* for me)


[left]I cant believe my eyes!even i dont know how to are so genius,no the hell could you capture such a super impressive moments for a building??!!i am blown away!
This is very unique…how have you been inspired to do such a thing!what do you eat!


This is going to make it into the choice gallery for sure.
One crit though, with the design of the building. It’s beautiful and all, but if my house was surrounded by that much lush green forest, I’d want to see it. There are only a few windows that you can actually look out of that I can see. So inside would be like being trapped a huge cube. :frowning: I’d want to open it up a bit!

But this is seriously a wonderful render, and one of my favourites on this forum.
Keep doing what you’re doing. :slight_smile:


Simply fantastic! Some of the best environment renders I think I’ve seen.
Great mood, lighting and realism. The way you have played with DOF and chromatic aberration also adds a lot to the mood.
Top notch work! :thumbsup:


This is some of the most amazing exterior renderings I have ever seen, truely inspirational work.