Forest Djinn


This is a WIP I started about a week ago. It’s done some changing, and some breaking… I’ve been given some great feedback on a few things with this guy, so I am going to try some new things this weekend.

Not to redo everything else I’ve posted about this guy, but you can view the WIP thread over at the Silo forums here. I wanted to test out the new topology brush that was released last week, and I ended up making this guy.

By this weekend I’ll have some more updates on him.

Thanks for looking.


PS: Detail model and render done in Zbrush 2.


WOW! Very very very nice work Chad! I love the look and feel of it! Can’t wait to see it textured!:smiley:


very nice stuff indeed…please continue to post updates on this one will ya very interested in seeing your progress…:thumbsup:


Jaw dropping detail . :bounce:

I absolutely love! the trees grrowing out of his back … but i do think that his hair (head) is out of place
it looks like someone has stabbed the grass or whatever his hair is into his skull … not too natural looking.

It is because of the sharp angular changes in the topology at the base of the hair which makes
it look metalic and non organic .

Really nice character … really nice !


Yeah I agree, the leaves, twig-hair, and the vines are not quite as good as it could be. This weekend, possibly earlier, I am going to revisit them, and do a few things to make them more natural, and not quite as static.

Thanks for the critiques, and compliments!


Got the roots done. Next will be the UV layouts, and texturing. I’m hoping that I will have the time this week to do it.


Very very nice Chad. Looking solid all over. I really like the look and detail of this so I hope you will give it the full render treatment. Good job.

If you want critique the only thing I can point out is the legs. They look fine but do not give the same impression of flexibility as the arms do. Probably due to the leaves and thick roots. But then again maybe you wanted them to be that way.


Oh my god, I think I just died. Thats truly amazing. I wish I could do stuff like that :frowning: I need some good zscripts tbh :frowning:

/me cries about been so uber shite.


I see where you are coming from TVeyes. My vision of this guy is he’s slow moving, hence the chubby belly. So he’s not really supposed to be doing backflips and sprints. I see him sitting in the shadows, and waiting, for a long, long time before he must do anything. So I guess he can actually be “planted” to the ground for sometime. Maybe that would be a way for the symbiotic plants to feed?


Practice makes perfect. My first models looked like pooh. And although I’m not yet a professional, I feel the past year and a half of practicing has gotten me that much closer to becoming one. So don’t get discouraged! Just work, and keep working, and you WILL get better. You have one of the greatest assets for learning right here at cgtalk. Utilize it. Post your work, get feedback, and your work will improve.


…earlier precocius this year ! :thumbsup:


That is looking great ChadH! I have been following this for a while now. My only critique, and it is more of a “this is what I would do” type of thing is the leaves look to me a bit too uniform. Maybe they should be a bit more clumped and random. Just my two insignificant little pennies worth. I am anxious to see this animated. I hope that is in your plans.


I agree Mentat7. IMO, the leaves are too big for what they are, and don’t look quite right. They’re place holders though, so this isn’t going to be the final layout for them. I haven’t UV mapped the leaves yet, so that’s what I’m working on now. My plans are to make two or three different leaves, UV map them, and then redo the leaf placement. this time though, I’m going to be adding the limbs that the leaves attach to, instead of them floating over the model as they are now.

I’m hoping to get the UV’s done this week. But I seriously doubt I will be able to.


Really cool design man ! I think I’m gonna start up with ZB soon. :thumbsup:


Chad nice stuff… Your dude must be related to treebeard : D I’m absolutely blown away by the stuff people are creating in Zbrush… nice work.



Looks great…you’ve made tremendous leaps with ZBrush.
It’s a sensational character and I can’t wait to see him move


not knowing zb at all… can i ask how you did the leaves or are going to do the leaves… if you do say three versions of the leaves… then will they just be objects which you then draw individually or is there some other way you place them? eg is it all a manual process eg drop leave…adjust individual position and then resize etc…are there instances are there groups… etc… whats your tactic on this?


I used Silo to do the leaves. Basically I made one leaf, copied it a few times, and made a group of leaves. Then I copied the group of leaves and arranged them around the figure.

I was planning to buy XSI and do the UV’s in their, but my finances didn’t quite work out like I wanted them too. If I’m going to be doing the UV’s for this, it will probably be next month, or maybe longer before I get to it, when I have the money available for XSI. So I’ll more than likely be doing another model this weekend.


ok cool…thanks…i was thinking you had painted them on there is ZB…heh heh…thats cool…now i know what ya did…cheers.
as to xsi…well that deal is very good…i can feel your pain bud…
looking forward to progress.


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