Ford Shelby vs Camaro vs Vaz 2107 vs Jeep vs Helicopter


At the technical side, amazing.

and at the story telling side, more amazing. Big potential, I’ll sure remember your name the day I see one of your films :wink:


This is front page :slight_smile:

You done a great job here, looks really great!

Are clouds just map on sphere or… ?



thats awesome…a bit long for a demo reel but still very well done…I love the reveal of your ‘first’ model at the end…great stuff!


hahah i love this, i love everything that break the rulez!!! 5 mins FTW! go forth!


very very nice reel i love car modeling , animation , Vfx , and directing so much
keep posting


Dude, well done man. It really is over the top but it really kept me entertained and watching.

Trying to stay focused here and comment on it… Really nice 3d models, lighting and shading. Bet you had a big laugh while working on it. Thanks for sharing. 110 days…goosh. epic. And yes we noticed the profanity at the end :wink: well said.


Very impressive! Very good job!


awesome job


very good work :slight_smile:


Looks great! I have to stop reading YouTube comments though. They make me angry :stuck_out_tongue:


l dont know what can l say… perpect,amazing,great…
Ellerine sağlık dostum harikasın! :slight_smile:


I love the camera work, did you set up the camera movement in 3d or use 3d tracking on real footage? I love the modelling, rendering and editing. Hope to see some more of your work.


Dude I hope you come work for blur


This is rlly fantastic dude! Awesome work and skills!


wooooooooow, am actually amaized by the way u did the car lamp and the atmosphere , uve realy done a great job and i hope god will pless u by a nice and powerfull pc so u can give us more of this wonderfull work , wish u all the best


GREAT work :cool:
Best regards, Selwy



Ubertetra amazing!

+2000! неимоверно круто!


me and a bunch of my friends at the studio just spent half an hour watching this reel twice!
great work, ingenious idea for a reel!
:bowdown: :bounce: :buttrock: :applause: :deal: :beer: :eek: :cry: :banghead:


That is sweet. I too think it’s bit long for a reel, but it’s all fun to watch, so all’s good. Very nice camera work and animation. The only thing that bothers me is that spiky spherical paint-cannon - it looks way too cartoony to fit with the rest of the scene.


Great reel, very entertaining :slight_smile: Love the L4D sounds too.

Well done ! :thumbsup: