Ford Shelby vs Camaro vs Vaz 2107 vs Jeep vs Helicopter


This animation link:

Hi…This is my “Cars showreel”… Rendering all footage 110 days… i hate rendering!!!
This is work for myself…
Used: 3d max 2008 - Vray; Mudbox; AE; PS; Sound forge; Vegas…

Thanks for watching!

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Hahaha! This was soo good mate! So serious yet so silly, I was laughing through the whole video. It was great! Great models, great animations, great effects. Hands down the best use of car models i’ve seen in a long time. Great job :smiley:


LOL! This is super cool and so funny with your over the top storyline. You’ve got some great models and the rendering is super! Excellent!


Wow I wasn’t expecting that! Super job! Fantastic effort - the lighting and rendering really bring the vehicles to life and such a simple set yet with clever camera angles you pull it off superbly. I think you can ditch all the silly text pieces though and just tighten up the edit - the comical factor works without those bits :slight_smile:


Wow!! Very impressive! I loved it. My favorite besides the amazing models is the great camera work. You have some awesome stuff here. 5 *'s from me!


110 days?! Damn, certainly worth the effort though. The story line was ridiculous, but I loved every second! Well done, and exceptional modeling!:bowdown:


super awesome…


Very cool!!! I loved the helicopter blades hitting the camera. Awesome!


amazing work

modling , music , light , textures … every think is amazing

good luck 4 ever :bowdown:

i vote 4 u & 5***** from me :thumbsup:


Thanks all…
- I hope that i will have once good computer… and then i will create good animations…

… Hopes die at the very end …


That was amazing. It took 110 days to render? Jesus!


OMG, such epicness !

I really like what the “badassness worm” did to the cars :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks all for comments…
- PANTURAL’s pictures - my face pictures)))
- …<–…this my life


that’s f*king awesome dude! i love the feel and the look. The music and animation is superb! :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:


Pretty sexy reel and a hilarious turn of events. I was just expecting turntables, but it was pretty fun to watch and some really nice looking effects you have in there. Well done


Insane dude!
Well done.


This was the most epic and original reel I’ve ever seen. Great work making it entertaining.


Great reel, plugged.


I don’t know what the ****, but this is one of the best things I’ve ever seen.


awesome animation, is it possible to post HD version of the movie? I’d love to watch it over and over on my 50" TV, it’s just sick how great it’s done… thanks for sharing man!